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GTA Online Summer Update 2022: Release Date, and More Details!

The next GTA Online update will be launched on July 26th, 2022, on the 18th of July. Many leakers expected it to be released sooner, but the team appears to have postponed it at the eleventh hour.
GTA Online has gone a long way since its first release. Originally intended to be an add-on for GTA V, it has evolved into something entirely separate. Here’s all you need to know about the upcoming GTA Online Summer Update 2022.

It was originally supposed to go live by now, but it was abruptly postponed. After the passing of Red Dead Online, this could be a response. The first anniversary of the latest update was celebrated by players all across the world.

Here are the easiest ways to make money in GTA Online while you wait for the update. If you’re looking for something to reward yourself with, these are the world’s fastest cars.

Summer Update Release Date Delayed

The GTA Online Summer update has been postponed, despite its original release date of July 19th. You have till the 26th of July to participate in the current GTA Online event.

It appears that this is the new release date.

Summer Update Release Date May Have Leaked

A well-known Rockstar reporter and leaker by the name of Tez2 has claimed that they expect the next update to release on or around July 19, 2022. Red Dead Redemption 2 updates have been criticized in the past for being too few, and this tweet was a response to that criticism.

This appears to have altered, at least for the better. As a hint of Rockstar’s shifting focus, it was probably accurate at the time as well.

What is the GTA Online Summer Update?

The GTA Online Summer Update for this year is still a mystery to us. Details on this should be revealed in the following weeks. Summer of Los Santos will feature a few new activities as well as new cars to drive around the city.

The Summer update is usually the most significant. As a result of its enormous size and abundance of rewards, it is often anticipated. There will be a lot of 2X cash and XP events to participate in.

“Criminal Careers” of “Executive, Biker, Gunrunner, and Nightclub Owner” will be expanded in the upcoming update, according to Rockstar’s website.

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GTA Online Summer Update 2022 Release Date

We don’t have a release date yet, but we expect it to come in the middle of July. Tuesday, July 20th was the start date for the previous year’s festival.

In light of this information, we expect this year’s event to begin on July 19. So far, so good, right?

What was Last Year’s GTA Online Summer Update?

DLC for Los Santos Tuners appeared last year. New characters, races, and events were included in this expansion. The scale of this year’s upgrade is likely to be similar to last year’s.

If this is true, we may expect a fun-filled summer.

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Blizzard Albany QA Staff File to Unionise

Activision Blizzard employees are increasingly attempting to organize into a union.

Activision Blizzard appears to be following in the footsteps of Raven Software’s QA employees, who voted in favor of unionization at the end of May.

New York-based video game studio Blizzard Albany, previously known as Vicarious Visions, has voted to petition for a union election with the US National Labor Relations Board, according to the Washington Post.

Since last week, Activision Blizzard has accepted the group’s formal request to recognize their union but hasn’t decided as of this writing.

Ex-Vicarious Visions Studio Participates in Unionization Efforts
“I believe that having the union is going to give us the strength that we need to make our workplace better,” Amanda Laven, an associate test analyst at Blizzard Albany, told The Washington Post.

“Raven has been a great inspiration to us, seeing their approach, it’s been demystifying to see them do it first and get an idea of how things go and how the company might respond,” she said, citing Blizzard Albany’s choice.

An Activision Blizzard spokesperson told The Washington Post in response to the news: “We deeply respect the rights of all employees under the law to make their own decisions about whether or not to join a union.” He also said: “The company will be publicly and formally responding to the petition to the NLRB. “.

“QA is now an underpaid discipline in the games and software sectors,” the Blizzard Albany workers calling themselves Game Workers Alliance Albany have tweeted, citing as their rationale for their unionization efforts.

By unionizing, Game Workers Alliance Albany aims to improve present wages, work-life balance, and the methods by which workplace issues are managed, among other things.

Activision Blizzard’s unionization efforts have come against a challenging background for the business, which agreed in January to be purchased by Microsoft in a $68.7 billion transaction following a 2021 scandal and lawsuit involving corporate-wide sexual harassment.

It is possible that Activision Blizzard’s decision to exclude Raven employees from a pay and status increase granted to other Activision Blizzard employees was an attempt by the publisher’s parent company to halt unionization efforts led by groups like the GWA. However, the precedent-setting vote at Raven was also preceded by a Raven strike in December 2021.

Keep checking back for more on Activision Blizzard news as it develops.

GTA Online Summer 2022

GTA Online Player Wrongly Accused of Being a Bad Sport

It was only because he was bothering me that I decided to blow him up.

No matter what the fight is over, unsavory tactics are always being used in GTA Online’s continuous skirmishes.

Any conflict, whether it’s over a brutally dispersed haul of stolen goods, an epic battle between griefers and grieves, or a brawl among inebriated partygoers, doesn’t always end fairly.

This was the situation for one GTA player, who was deemed a terrible sport by the game after defending themselves against other players who attacked them first. This is not an isolated incident.

There appears to be no justice in the GTA.
It all started with a user on the GTA Online subreddit sharing an RPG explosion clip of them being hit in the face and then attempting a drive-by shooting, only to be stopped by an RPG explosion from TheLordsLifter, who then received a bad sports notification. They captioned the clip: “How am I the bad sport when they attacked me first?”.

Several fellow gamers responded to the post by agreeing with the idea that TheLordsLifter had been falsely accused of any crimes, with user guides saying: “(the) bad sport system is stupid, you get bad sport points for defending yourself, but people get rewarded for destroying your cargo” and RAH2458 adding: “They destroy my vehicle (and) they don’t even pay the insurance, I blow them up to return the favor and I get hit with the bad sport and pay for their v.” The reasoning of a rockstar, I assume.

Dragonball Z, on the other hand, claimed that TheLordsLifter was partially to blame for the accident, saying: “dude, you were in the center of the road, at the green light, not moving. This prompted Redditor gorpsligock to provide a link to the r/gtatrafficcourt subreddit, where footage of car accidents involving GTA players and NPCs is posted to determine who is to blame.

Because you wrecked their car, the game’s ire is directed at you,” PapaXan stated. According to TheLordsLifter, “it doesn’t matter who assaulted who first. I was not aware of this.” Since they shot me first, I assumed it was okay to do whatever I wanted.”

Thanks to windmillninja’s insight, it appears that TheLordslifter already had this newfound awareness before they could get themselves into any major trouble: Before you can enter a horrible sports lobby, you have to wreck an absurd number of personal vehicles.”

A few other members of the community sought to lift TheLordsLifter’s spirits by praising their car, a BF Weevil that appears to be highly popular due to its unique appearance and many customization options.

Keep an eye out for additional GTA Online updates as new content starring Michael from single-player is published and start remembering not to blow up other vehicles if you want to get your own Weevil.

YouTube video

GTA Online’s Lewd Fast Food Menus Have Players Begging For Burgers and Chicken

Visit the GTA drive-thru today!

GTA Online’s vending machines can’t always fill your hunger pangs, no matter what you’re up to.

To play a role in an elaborate robbery or fend off a griefer, you have to keep your mind focused on what you’re going to eat rather than who is trying to shoot you.

As a result, a GTA player recently decided to swing by a fast food restaurant and have a look at the menu, only to be shocked by what they saw.

Clucking Bell is considered by GTA players to be the ideal source of fuel for grinding heists.
HeyYoDeimos, a GTA Online player, started a discussion on the incident in the GTA Online subreddit by posting a picture of himself in a Lucky Plucker drive-thru window with the remark, “Y’all ever uh.. read the menu?”

There were a few other players who confirmed that they had done so, including Opening-Canary-3099 who said: “I crashed into this the other day and read the whole menu” and celinesnightmares who inquired as to where the restaurant could be discovered so that they, too, could do so.

A user named awaken sleep requested “start your day with a fresh cock & eggs,” while another named suatkelem requested the following at the South Los Santos food stop: “two number 9s, a large number 9 with extra dip, a number 6 with additional cheese and a large number 7.”

One commenter said, “I’m personally insulted by the chicken fish sandwich; they had the opportunity to mention cock again but didn’t,” while another pleaded, “no cock for me, thank you,” in response to the sandwich.

“They need to enable us to go into restaurants like Clucking Bell like in San Andreas,” DreamWarrior90 wrote on Reddit, referring to the famed eatery in prior GTA games. It’s still funny to hear the worker remark “I hope you choke a doodle doo.”

That was one of the best (things) about playing GTA IV,” user TheThemePark commented. You can eat at places like Burger Shot, Cluckin’ Bell, or a hotdog stand.”

Make a list of things you want to get from the takeout menu and keep an eye out for upcoming GTA Online updates, which may feature Michael from the single-player campaign.

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GTA Online Player Finally Completes Arcade Claw Machine Toy Collection

In GTA, he’s a pinball master…

A garage full of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-inspired cars or just enough cash to buy every item in GTA Online twice is commonplace among GTA Online gamers.

A break from grinding and fighting griefers and attending pool parties is now taking place to become the master of an arcade game built for the most masochistic of gamers.

A recent Reddit thread details the loot they’ve amassed thanks to their newly discovered skill with claw machines.

A Grand Theft Auto V Player Has Perfected the Claw
User JustZypro started a discussion about this in the GTA Online subreddit by posting a picture of their well-earned figure collection with the caption: OK, I had to wait five days for my account to be activated before I could post, but here we are! My collection is now complete.”

“so jealous!,” user xrstnfox wrote in the comments section of JustZypro’s Facebook post praising him for his accomplishment. xrstnfox adds: “What can I say… BEAUTIFUL!” and “I want that shirt so bad but I have the worst luck with that machine.”

Another user, RickGrimes30, wrote, “I didn’t realize the claw machine truly functioned. Asked if the claw had worked for him, project199x replied, “Me neither, the claw stops in like two seconds.”

To those who asked for advice, JustZypro replied: “Just keep playing; it took me twelve hours straight to get the last five.”

Many players didn’t realize that once they’ve gathered all of the figures and plushies, they may put them on display in the Diamond Casino penthouse, which appears to be a desirable bonus for completionists.

Getting the accolade might have to wait until after completing all 600 of the game’s gun-running missions, according to one GTA Online player. It may be best to limit yourself to 30 minutes at a time”

Start planning your GTA Online claw machine sessions now and follow us for further information as additional content, potentially featuring Michael from single-player, becomes available.

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GTA Online Player Cosplays as Cartoon Network Legend Johnny Bravo

Someone called 911. My house is home to a GTA player. Oh, no, let’s not do it. This is just me.

Amid grinding heists and combating griefers, GTA Online gamers can be serious folks, but they also know when to let loose their less somber side.

For some, a good old-fashioned game of dress-up is the only way to satisfy their need for a good time.

According to a recent Reddit thread, this is what led one player to adopt the persona of a cartoon legend.

Assault on the GTAverse by Johnny Bravo
GTA Online subreddit user EarthPuma120 started the conversation by posting a picture of their avatar dressed like Johnny Bravo and commenting it, “Hey handsome, I’m Johnny Bravo. ‘How about we go out on a date together?'”

One participant, Epotheros, wrote: “Hello, 911 emergency, there’s a handsome guy in my house.” Other gamers answered with their versions of the famous Bravo phrases. Oh no, that’s not necessary; it’s just me.” and a textbook “whoa, mama” from No Comfortable 8852.

Others noted the “Man, I’m Pretty” organization name as making this “top tier,” and “Kisuke78 speculated that if any of the female NPCs featured agreed to a date with him, it would contain a lot of flexing.” “The ‘Man, I’m Pretty’ organization name makes this top tier.”

The strangeness of Bravo’s nature was noted by user aothiik, who wrote: “These comments are giving me a nice laugh and reminding me how silly his character is. My recollection of the bullwhipped karate chop noises is still sharp. It’s also entertaining to imagine your character making the same cutting action whenever he encounters a female character in the game. “

The character creation in GTA does not allow players to fully embody Johnny Bravo, according to Tweeter0583, who claims: “(the) GTA character creator makes it look more like Napoleon Dynamite cosplaying as Johnny Bravo..”

“If only they could allow you to pick a physique type while customizing your custom character,” said RAPTOR 948 as a way to make the game more Bravo-friendly. “A powerful bodybuilder type physique would have given Johnny Bravo the perfect Johnny Bravo vibe.”

Let us know what you’re planning for your GTA Online costume in the comments below, and we’ll keep you up to date on the latest GTA Online news.

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