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Haunted Chocolatier Release Date: Complete Details!

ConcernedApe’s Haunted Chocolatier is the next game from Stardew Valley creator Eric Barone, and its release date has already piqued the interest of players eager to discover what the developer has in store this time.

Haunted Chocolatier, an RPG/simulation title that shares some DNA with its predecessor, does away with the fantasy of being a very excellent farmer. Instead, the game’s approach is more akin to “magical haunted ghost chocolate.” Here’s all we know about Haunted Chocolatier, including the release date, gameplay, and story.

Release Date For Haunted Chocolatier Not Announced

Haunted Chocolatier does not yet have a release date, and creator ConcernedApe says “it will be a while before this game is finished.” Work on the title began in 2020, and it is still “very early in development” as of its introduction in October 2021. In late 2021, the developer released two more pictures while stating that work on the game’s fundamental elements is ongoing.

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Haunted Chocolatier Story

In Haunted Chocolatier, you take on the role of a chocolatier living in a haunted castle, tasked with gathering rare ingredients and incorporating them into various chocolate creations, which you then sell in your chocolate store. As you can see, there’s a lot more chocolate in this one than in Stardew Valley.

Haunted Chocolatier Release Date

“Chocolate represents all that is enjoyable. The attraction of the unknown is represented by the haunted castle. The ghosts are the traces of the past. All of these things are critical. But don’t assume for a second that just because this game involves ghosts in a haunted castle makes it bad or negative “the developer noted on the game’s announcement page.

“On the contrary, I want this game to be upbeat, inspiring, and life-affirming. Haunted Chocolatier, on the other hand, channels the energy of the moon, whereas Stardew Valley generally channels the energy of the sun. Both are critical.” Haunted Chocolatier will also have Stardew Valley connections, although Barone hasn’t decided “how deep the relationship will be exactly.”

The Gameplay Of Haunted Chocolatier

The gameplay of Haunted Chocolatier will include typical features such as traveling to a new town, engaging with the locals, and establishing your life around a new trade. Simultaneously, “the basic gameplay and theming are quite different,” according to the creator.

“In comparison to Stardew Valley, Haunted Chocolatier is more of an action RPG. And instead of a farm, the focus of your efforts is a chocolate shop.” The gameplay trailer embedded below shows parts of the game’s exploration, crafting, gathering, and combat, which is all depicted in pixel art that should be familiar to anyone who has played ConcernedApe’s prior game. There are currently no plans to introduce a multiplayer component.

According to the developer, “almost everything” in Haunted Chocolatier is created from scratch. The game is more combat-oriented than its predecessors, and players can employ shields to deflect strikes, occasionally stunning the opponent, and allowing them to attack faster. You won’t have to rely solely on this tactic, as there will be various off-hand objects to deploy that cater to different playstyles.

System Requirements For Haunted Chocolatier

There’s no word on the system requirements for Haunted Chocolatier just yet. We don’t expect it to require cutting-edge hardware due to its pixel art aesthetics, but we’ll know for sure closer to launch.

How Much Does Haunted Chocolatier Cost And Where Can I Buy It?

The price of Haunted Chocolatier is currently obscured by a thick layer of ghostly chocolate. The game will be released on PC, but the developer says it has “every intention of moving it to the other main platforms as well.”

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