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‘He Was an Angel in Our Neighborhood,’ Says One These Are the Accounts of the Buffalo Blizzard Victims

In spite of the snowstorm, 26-year-old Abdul Sharif left his home in Buffalo on Saturday afternoon in order to purchase some milk and other necessities. He was never seen or heard from again. At least 39 people have died in Erie County, New York, as a result of the winter storm that dumped nearly 52 inches of snow on the city of Buffalo and trapped residents inside their homes, many of whom did not have access to heat because the Christmas weekend blizzard knocked out power.

Sharif is one of the victims. The majority of the fatalities were discovered dead either outside or inside their homes, while some were found dead in their vehicles, as a consequence of a delay in the arrival of emergency medical services, while clearing snow or as a result of cardiac arrest, according to the officials.

Those who were taken from us were cherished parents, children, and in the case of Sharif, an excited soon-to-be-father who had a big heart. His expectant wife, Gloria Mawazo, who is just a few days away from giving birth, shared with his cousin Ally Sharifu the news that her husband had departed to purchase groceries for a family that had sought his assistance.

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Following a winter storm on December 28, 2022, in Buffalo, New York, troops of the National Guard conduct welfare checks on local people. As tragic testimonies of those who died and others who survived the storm surface, officials in Buffalo, New York, are being confronted with issues regarding storm preparation and reaction.

Ally Sharifu reported that she cautioned him not to leave before she had a chance to snooze about midday and that she laid down for the nap. The next evening, when she woke up, her spouse was nowhere to be found in the house.

Ally Sharif, who recognized his cousin’s body the next morning at a hospital, said that the family received a call about a man transported to a children’s hospital after he was found laying on the street after they had shared his photo on Facebook.

The man had been found lying on the street. He stated that the men were Congolese refugees who had resettled in the United States in 2017 after having spent around five years in a refugee camp in Burundi.

In a press conference held on Wednesday, Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz stated that Abdul went out to acquire food for his pregnant wife. However, family members suspect that Abdul was actually shopping for another family, which was typical of him.

“My cousin was an incredibly admirable man. According to Ally Sharif, who lives in the same house as his cousin and the latter’s wife, their relative would assist them whenever they requested it. “He will attempt to come and help you no matter what the outside looks like, which is why he went outside to get the milk,” you said. “That’s why he went outside to get the milk.”

Ally Sharif claimed that the family has not been informed by the hospital or the authorities as to the circumstances surrounding Abdul’s passing yet. According to Ally Sharif, Abdul was “very delighted to become a father” and was now putting money aside in order to purchase a home. According to the witness, Abdul was employed as a machine operator at a manufacturing business in Cheektowaga.

According to CNN, Enock Rushikana, a close family friend, and Abdul’s parents were killed in the civil conflict that broke out in Congo in 2002. “He had this ambition to go back and help those kids who lost their parents in the civil war,” Rushikana said.

“He was raised as an orphan, so he had this dream to go back and help those kids.” “He was a guardian angel for our neighborhood. Because he was always willing to assist whoever needed it, we began to refer to him as “911,” hence the moniker.

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