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Hilda Dokubo Wishes to ‘divorce’ Bimbo Manuel: Explanation!

Hilda Dokubo, an actress, has joked about divorcing her on-screen husband Bimbo Manuel. This was said by the 52-year-old in an Instagram post on Monday when she displayed images of herself and Bimbo on a movie set. “I’ve married this Bimbo Manuel far too many times.

Please, somebody can assist me with my divorce papers? This judge is doing whatever he is doing. “I’m too delighted inside, loving the deliciousness,” Hilda Dokubo wrote. Hilda, a University of Port Harcourt graduate, is married to Karo Mrakpor. The couple married in 1986 but divorced in 2008.

Veteran actress Hilda Dokubo has expressed her dissatisfaction with the length of the divorce process. The actress appealed for guidance on how to file for divorce from her on-screen husband, Bimbo Manuel, on Instagram hours ago, while complaining about the judge’s casual attitude. The light-skinned actress, who shared a selfie of herself and the actor, expressed her need for a change after playing his wife in multiple films.

Hilda Dokubo revealed details of her reconciliation with her spouse years ago. As a Christian, she believes she should be able to forgive and live a life that Christ would be proud of. Hilda said, “I did it for myself, my children, others, and, most importantly, God.”

Hilda Dokubo

“Everything in life has stages and time,” Hilda Dokubo observed. If I claim to be a Christian and love God, I should be able to live a life worthy of Christ. It makes no difference who is correct or incorrect in a relationship. We did it for ourselves, our children, others, and, above all, for God.” “Patience,” Hilda stated of the marriage skills she had learned. Don’t expect anybody else to assist you in building your home because only you can do it. Don’t give up so easily when things get rough.

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