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How did Jack Newton die? Golf legend’s Cause of Death Revealed

According to Jack Newton’s relatives, the cause of death was “health issues.” In a statement that was made public on Friday morning, the family of the Australian athletic icon disclosed that Newton had passed away the previous night at the age of 72.

The statement read, “On behalf of our family, it is with great sadness that I announce that our courageous and loving husband, father, brother, grandfather, and mate, Jack Newton OAM has passed away overnight due to health complications.”

“On behalf of our family, it is with great sadness that I announce that our courageous and loving husband, father, brother, grandfather, and mate, Jack Newton OAM has “Dad was a fearless competitor and an iconic Australian.

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He blazed a tough route throughout his professional golfing career between the years 1971 and 1983. Tragically, his career was cut short at the age of 33 due to an accident involving an airplane propeller. “He fought back from tremendous adversity as only he could, and he chose to selflessly invest his time, energy, and effort towards giving back to the community through his Jack Newton Junior Golf Foundation, sports commentary, golf course design, and raising significant funds for several charities, most notably diabetes. “He fought back from tremendous adversity as only he could.”

“His passion for sport and contributing to future generations of golfers and the community in Australia exemplifies the spirit of our father, whom we adored as a husband, as a proud brother, as an adoring grandfather, and as a maverick friend.

His wife Jackie, his daughter Kristie, his son Clint, and his grandchildren Matilda, Hope, Jessie, Noah, Paige, and Indie will carry on his legacy. “In typical Jack Newton fashion, we will celebrate his amazing life; but, for the time being, our family asks for privacy, and we are grateful to everyone who loved, supported, and was friends with him throughout his life,”

In recent years, Newton had been waging a battle against Alzheimer’s illness. Cancer also took the life of the golfing legend’s father, who was in his 60s when he passed away. In the year 2020, the Newton family’s son, Clint Newton, a former NRL player and the current head of the NRL Players Association discussed how the news of his father’s diagnosis motivated him to make positive changes in his own life.

How did Jack Newton die?

“Alzheimer’s disease has been forced upon him, but he is ready to put up a battle against it. The image of dad has always been one of a colorful character and a bloke who was partial to a beer and a cigarette. “That is not him anymore,” Clint stated to The Daily Telegraph back when the interview took place.

He aspires to be the finest version of himself that he can be for his mother and his grandchildren. Since he was in his late teens, he has been an alcoholic and a smoker. It’s astonishing that you just gave up everything without any warning. This is the new obstacle he must overcome.

During his time as a professional, Newton was quite successful, amassing a total of 13 victories and most notably winning the 1979 Australian Open. Additionally, he was in second place at the British Open in 1975 and the Master’s Tournament in 1980.

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