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”I Am Legend” Sequel: The Alternate Ending Unleashed!

“I Am Legend,” a movie from 2007 starring Will Smith, is getting a sequel with Michael B. Jordan joining the fight against the end of the world, and director Akiva Goldsman is telling fans more about what to expect.

In an interview with Deadline that came out Wednesday, Goldsman wouldn’t say what role Jordan would play in the movie, but he did hint that the sequel would be more like the book that the first movie was based on.

One of the most popular movies of 2007 was “I Am Legend,” which made almost $77 million in its first weekend. Here’s what you need to know about the hit movie and the movie that will come after it.

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”I Am Legend” Release Date

The North American premiere of I Is Legend had been scheduled for November 21, 2007, but was pushed back to December 14 due to production delays.  Despite an initial release date of January 4, 2008, the film debuted on December 26, 2007, in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

''I Am Legend''
”I Am Legend”

The release of I Is Legend was likely postponed because of China’s decision in December 2007 to temporarily ban the distribution of all American films in the country. Smith spoke with the head of China Film Group to discuss setting a release date, and he subsequently said, “We battled very, very hard to try to make it work out, but there is only a certain quantity of foreign films that are let in.”

Three world premieres occurred: in Tokyo, New York, and London. After forcing his way onto the red carpet and rushing around shouting “I am Negend!” at the London premiere in Leicester Square, British comedian, and actor Neg Dupree was taken into custody.

The antics were performed for the Balls of Steel comic game program, in which he often participated as part of the “Neg’s Urban Sports” segment.

”I Am Legend” Cast

  • Doctor Robert Neville, played by Will Smith
  • In the role of Anna, Alice Braga
  • As Ethan, Charlie Tahan is fantastic.
  • The Dominant Role of Dash Mihok in the Society
  • Cast as Dr. Alice Krippin, Emma Thompson
  • Zoe Neville, played by Salli Richardson
  • Playing Marley Neville, Willow Smith
  • Alpha Female Joanna Numata
  • Playing the role of Mike is Darrell Foster.
  • A presidential address read by Pat Fraley
  • All Darkseeker dialogue is voiced by Mike Patton.

”I Am Legend” Plot

After a failed attempt to genetically re-engineer the measles virus into a cancer cure, the virus instead infects and kills nearly all human beings on Earth, transforming the survivors into vampire-like, albino, cannibalistic mutants known as Darkseekers.

In 2012, three years after the epidemic, LTC Robert Neville, a virologist for the United States Army, lives alone in a deserted Manhattan, wondering if there are any other uninfected people surviving.

Neville spends his days searching for food and supplies, conducting experiments on sick rats in the hopes of finding a cure, and listening to his recorded radio broadcasts in the hopes that survivors may hear them and follow his instructions to meet him at the South Street Seaport at noon.

In retrospect, we learn that his wife Zoe and their daughter Marley were killed in a helicopter mishap during the chaotic evacuation of Manhattan when the military enforced a quarantine of the island. Neville, though, remained behind with the rest of the soldiers.

Sam, Neville’s German Shepherd, is his only other buddy, and when he’s feeling lonely, he’ll sometimes “speak” to the mannequins in stores or the actors in recorded movies. He and Sam spend the night locked inside his fortified mansion in Washington Square Park to avoid the Darkseekers.

Did Will Smith Die In ‘I Am Legend?’

The original film depicts the aftermath of a pandemic that turns the population into zombies. Dr. Robert Neville, played by Smith, tries hard for a cure as he appears to be the only man still living.

After discovering the cure, Smith gives it up for the greater good, passing the mantle to fellow survivor Anna (Alice Braga). “It’s about that time!” For the sequel to “Bad Boys,” Will Smith and Martin Lawrence will reunite.

”I Am Legend” Sequel: The Alternate Ending Unleashed

A different conclusion was cut from the theatrical release, however, that version will be included in the sequel. The film’s original ending had Will Smith’s character die, but the DVD and several streaming services offer a different, happier ending.

The zombies leave Smith’s Neville alone in the alternate ending once he gives them back the body he used to test the cure on. Anna Smith and her son set off for Vermont to help spread the word about the cure. The sequel, Goldsman told Deadline, will pick up “a few decades” after the events of the original film and focus on the alternative conclusion.

Goldsman: “I’m obsessed with ‘The Last of Us,’ where we see the earth not just post-apocalyptic but also after a 20-30 year lag. “As man ceases to be the major tenant, you watch the earth reclaim the planet, and there’s something wonderful in that question.”

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In his own words, he continued: “Matheson’s original novel contains an alternative ending to the one used in the film adaptation, which we revisit. Matheson meant to convey the idea that the era of humanity as the planet’s dominating species has finally come to an end. The opportunity to learn more about that is exciting. Attempts will be made to stay closer to the source material.”

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