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In a Fatal Shooting Outside an Erwinville Tavern, a Jury Finds a Juvenile Guilty of Second-degree Murder

On Thursday, October 27, 2021, a verdict of guilty of second-degree murder was handed out for the adolescent who was accused of shooting and murdering a man outside of a club in West Baton Rouge Parish in 2021.

A Juvenile Was Found Guilty of Second-degree Murder For His Role In A Shooting Death Outside An Erwinville Bar

After deliberating for roughly half an hour, the jury decided that 18-year-old Ronald Campbell was responsible for the death of 21-year-old Trey Allen, who was found dead in the parking lot of the Raxx Bar and Grill in Erwinville.

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Even though Campbell was only 17 years old at the time of the incident, District Attorney Tony Clayton decided to prosecute the case as if Campbell were an adult. Clayton stated that “this is another situation in which gun violence ended a life and cost a young person his life, and has tragically damaged many families.”

“This is another case in which gun violence ended a life and cost a young person his life,” “This behavior will not be tolerated by us. We are going to pursue these matters to the fullest degree possible under the law. I am addressing the younger generation and telling them to put the guns down. You will be arrested, you will face full prosecution, and you will be sentenced to jail for your actions.”

In a Fatal Shooting Outside an Erwinville Tavern, a Jury Finds a Juvenile Guilty of Second-degree Murder

According to the investigators, Allen was killed on Saturday, September 18, 2021, by a gunshot wound. According to the officials, he was attempting to put an end to the struggle when he was shot. After the fatal shooting at Raxx Bar, the West Baton Rouge Parish Council decided to remove the establishment’s liquor license.

In August, the jurors in Campbell’s trial for second-degree murder could not come to a decision after deliberating for about nine hours, which resulted in a hung jury in the case. Campbell was found not guilty of all charges.

In the state of Louisiana, a conviction for murder in the second degree carries with it an automatic sentence of life in prison. On November 21st, Campbell will be given his punishment. Copyright encumbered by WAFB until 2022; all rights reserved.

On December 1, in the 18th Judicial District Court located in West Baton Rouge Parish, a juvenile defendant was found guilty of murder in the second degree. The district attorney, Tony Clayton, reported this to be the case. The judgment of guilty was handed out by Judge Tonya Lurry.

The incident was precipitated by a shooting that took place in Port Allen, in which a juvenile defendant opened fire on a 16-year-old victim inside an apartment complex as he was aiming his gun at the victim.

The successful prosecution of the case by Assistant District Attorneys Lonny Guidroz, Ashley Woods, and Larry Bossier resulted in the juvenile defendant receiving the maximum possible sentence of life in juvenile detention and being immediately remanded into the custody of the Louisiana State Office of Juvenile Justice.

No matter how old the offender is when the offense was committed, we will pursue legal action against them to the maximum extent of the law. My advice to those who are yet young is as follows: Put down the weapons at once. If you commit a crime, there is no way out of this predicament, and you will spend a significant portion of your life behind bars as a result of your actions.

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