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In a Pivotal Pennsylvania Senate Debate, Oz and Fetterman Clash Over Abortion, Inflation, and Crime

In a pivotal Pennsylvania Senate debate, Oz and Fetterman clash over abortion, inflation, and crime. Lt. Gov. John Fetterman and Dr. Mehmet Oz debated abortion, gun violence, fracking, and Fetterman’s health in their sole scheduled debate of the important Pennsylvania Senate election.

Oz And Fetterman Square Off In A Pivotal Debate For Pennsylvania’s Senate Over Abortion, Inflation, And Criminal Justice

Fetterman, the Democratic contender, made his longest public appearance since having a stroke in May. As a result of chronic auditory difficulties, he has begun employing closed captioning technology in interviews. The moderators presented the screens behind them that displayed the questions and transcripts of what Oz said at the start of the debate.

During his introductory remarks, Fetterman added, “Let’s also talk about the elephant in the room.” “I suffered a stroke. [Oz] has never forgotten that. And I may overlook some concerns during this argument, mush two phrases together, but knock me down and I’ll get back up.”

During the one-hour debate in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania’s state capital, Fetterman did fumble over words. Since the summer, he has led in surveys to replace retiring Republican Sen. Pat Toomey, but the distance has dropped to inside the margin of error in a number of polls.

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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s campaign has spent millions of dollars on the race in an attempt to defend what is considered the most vulnerable Republican seat this year. If Fetterman wins, the GOP’s chances of retaking the Senate will become considerably more difficult.

Oz, a Republican celebrity doctor and cardiothoracic surgeon who attended the University of Pennsylvania for medical and business school, relocated to the state after decades in New Jersey to run for the Senate seat. He’s spent months trying to prove his Keystone State credentials, and he continued to do so at Tuesday’s debate, citing anecdotes from his travels throughout the state.

On Tuesday, when asked about a planned 15-week federal ban on the surgery, Oz stated that he “wanted women, doctors, local political leaders, permitting the democracy that’s always allowed our nation to prosper to bring the best ideas forth so states can decide for themselves.” However, in an audio recording from a Republican primary rally, Oz stated that “life begins at conception” and that “it’s still murder if you terminate a child whether their heart is beating or not.”

In a Pivotal Pennsylvania Senate Debate, Oz and Fetterman Clash Over Abortion, Inflation, and Crime

Oz dubbed Fetterman the true abortion zealot. The Democrat stated that he would codify the protections already provided by Roe v. Wade into law and that he would support funding for the transfer of women from areas where the procedure was not lawful to states where it was legal. He dodged a question about what abortion laws he thinks are appropriate, instead expressing his support for Roe.

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