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In a Recent Poll, Karen Bass and Rick Caruso Were ‘neck and Neck’ for the Position of Mayor

With only a few days till Election Day, the campaign for mayor of Los Angeles is becoming more competitive. According to the most recent survey conducted by the UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies, Congresswoman Karen Bass maintains a slim lead.

In the past month, her double-digit lead over rival Rick Caruso has substantially decreased. There may not be a winner on Tuesday because of how close the race is. Bass spoke to locals at a farmers market in the Pico-Union neighborhood on Friday about the significance of giving inhabitants of the underserved community access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Bass told reporters, “I am delighted with where we are, but my objective is gaining every single vote from every single Angeleno. Mr. Caruso has spent approximately $100 million on his campaign. In the meantime, Caruso started a bus tour and declared he would spend the remaining four days of the campaign touring L.A. and meeting with locals in the neighborhood.

Support for his campaign has grown by 10 points since late September, according to a UC Berkeley poll. Caruso informed his followers, “We’re in a close race.” “Every vote counts; we are in a close race.” Los Angeles is becoming more competitive in the race. Dean Logan, county clerk, and registrar-recorder advised voters not to anticipate a definitive outcome on election day.

“While we’ll have thorough election results Tuesday night, if there is a close race, it will be weeks after the election before we have final results,” he added. Despite how annoying that may be, he insisted that the most important thing is to ensure that every vote is tallied. According to Logan, many voters may mail or deliver their ballots on Tuesday, and it may take several weeks to tally all of those votes.

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