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In His Western Swing Before the Midterm Elections, Biden Claims That the GOP is “Going After Your Right to Vote”

As he returned to the campaign trail to support Democratic Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham in what is expected to be one of his final western campaign appearances of the elections, President Joe Biden expressed concern about threats to democracy if Republicans take control of Congress.

The goal of the event in Albuquerque, New Mexico, was to support a crucial ally involved in one of the most important gubernatorial contests of the cycle. While the majority of Biden’s remarks dealt with the economy, he reiterated the idea that democracy was under siege from the previous evening.

Republicans, according to Biden, “are going after your right to vote and who’s going to count the vote,” adding that “democracy is on the ballot.” In the close Arizona governor’s race, Democrat Hobbs explains why she chose not to debate Republican Lake.

Clinton will campaign in her deep blue home as the contest for governor of New York gets closer.
Republicans temper their language in their parting remarks as the Democrats attack Wisconsin. Pennsylvania
In advance of the Georgia governor’s race, Kemp refrains from attacking Trump.

For their stances on Social Security and Medicare, the president specifically called out a number of Republicans, including Florida Sen. Rick Scott and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, calling them “reckless and foolish.”

The most significant election of our lives is in five days, Biden told the audience. There are so many changes. This is not a vote; rather, it is a decision between two radically dissimilar visions for America. In a midterm election where the main focus has been on whether or not Joe Biden’s party will be able to retain control of Congress, the president’s visit highlights the high political stakes for Democrats as they look to keep as many governor’s mansions in their control. If not, it also highlights how much it might be able to reduce its losses.

Nathan L. Gonzales of Inside Elections offers an unbiased analysis of the Senate, House, gubernatorial, and presidential races. The president has entered traditionally Democratic territory where his party’s gubernatorial hopefuls are up against difficult competition for the third time in as many weeks.

The president and the governor of New York’s Syracuse, Kathy Hochul, who is facing off against Republican US Rep. Lee Zeldin in a more competitive reelection fight than anticipated, praised manufacturing developments there last week. Hochul will gain more support on Thursday when she shows up alongside Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state, and vice president Kamala Harris at a voter turnout event in New York City.

Early in October, Biden traveled to Portland, Oregon, where Tina Kotek, the Democratic Party’s nominee for governor, is engaged in a tight race with two other candidates. At a Kotek fundraiser, Biden stated that “the role of governors in America is expanding tremendously in terms of how the states run and the duties they play.”

Debt alleviation is a hot topic. Before the event, the president spoke at Central New Mexico Community College about his administration’s efforts to reduce college expenses and help student debtors. He also warned of the repercussions if Republican politicians were successful in their attempt to undo Biden’s debt relief proposal.

Democrats are hoping that one of the administration’s actions—plan Biden’s for student debt relief—will encourage younger voters to cast ballots ahead of next week’s midterm elections. According to the White House, about 26 million people have submitted their information to the Department of Education for loan forgiveness consideration, with 16 million applications anticipated to be accepted by the end of the week.

In his speech at the campus on Thursday, Biden said, “Our student loan program is meant to give just a little extra breathing room, a little breathing room.” “For so many people, this is a game changer. People from all around the nation are telling us how simple it is to apply.

However, the president’s student loan forgiveness program is still hampered by legal issues, making it difficult to predict whether or when applicants would receive this relief. Last month, a federal appeals court temporarily halted the execution of the student loan forgiveness program while the court deliberated a lawsuit brought by six Republican-led states. According to the Biden administration, this policy should be implemented while the appeal is pending.

Additionally, conservative organizations like the Job Creators Network Foundation and the Cato Institute as well as Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich are suing the administration. The situation those 16 million applicants who are waiting for approval face was brought up by Biden on Thursday.

He claimed that although they “should be seeing the relief in the coming days,” that relief is on hold “because Republican members of the Congress (and) Republican governors are doing everything they can – including taking us to court – to deny the relief… even to their own constituents.”

“Their fury is just plain wrong,” he continued. In addition, I should mention hypocrisy without getting too political. They are our adversaries in court. We won’t allow them to get away with it. According to the president, who is certain that his plan will be upheld by the courts, student loan holders will start receiving relief in a matter of weeks.

At a campaign event in Miami Gardens, Florida, on Monday, the president said of Republicans who have complained that the plan is too expensive and may worsen inflation: “They moaned and groaned about it and they fought it in court, which they’re going to lose.”

At a community college where more than a third of students get Pell Grants and more than half of the student body is Latino, Biden made his most recent argument for reducing student loan debt. The Opportunity Scholarship Program, which offers free college for eligible New Mexicans, was also emphasized by the president.

Sen. Ben Ray Lujan, Rep. Melanie Stansbury, and Lujan Grisham were there, as well as Tracy Hartzler, president of the New Mexico Community College. The president already spoke in a similar capacity at Delaware State University, one of the nation’s historically black colleges and institutions, last month to advocate for his loan forgiveness plan. Officials hoped that the topic would inspire young voters ahead of the midterm elections.

The outcome of the Senate and House races next week will be crucial in determining how the second half of Biden’s administration will play out, as well as whether the midterm elections will eventually give Republicans control of Congress.

The president has been able to pass several of his most key legislative initiatives during his first two years in office, from a comprehensive infrastructure package to a big health care, tax, and climate change bill signed into law just this year. Democrats freely admit that they won’t have much success passing legislation in the upcoming Congress if they don’t have control of either the House or the Senate.

Interactive Events Calendar for the 2022 Midterm Elections. However, Democratic leaders are also eager to draw attention to the significant responsibilities that governors around the nation also play in advancing the White House agenda.

“Do you keep the majority or not?” is the question that comes up while discussing the Senate and the House. stated David Turner, the Democratic Governor’s Association’s director of communications. “When talking about a governor, the question is: Will someone help you advance your program, particularly the aspects of your platform that are popular?”

And while Lujan Grisham will be the main attraction at the campaign rally that Biden will host on Thursday, there are other competitive House races in New Mexico that officials anticipate will greatly benefit from a high-profile visit by the president.

Even though he will run for governor, a Democratic official close to the White House stated, “He can help and add excitement to the down-ballot elections.” How to turn out your voters is currently the name of the game. Sam Fossum and Maegan Vazquez of CNN contributed to this report.

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