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Investigation Into a Newborn Homicide Involving a Teen Mother Concludes with Unexpected Arrests Timeline of Fresno Police

Local law enforcement and the Fresno community have both expressed shock and grief over the horrific double murder of a teen mother and her child, which was reportedly committed by the sister.

According to the police, the older sister, Yarelly Solorio Rivera, 22, was envious of her younger sister, Yanelly Solorio Rivera, 18, and planned to kill both Yanelly and the younger sister’s 3-week-old daughter, Celine, with the help of her boyfriend, Martin Arroyo Morales, 26.

Chief Paco Balderrama declined to elaborate on the source of the envy on Thursday but claimed the couple had shown no remorse while confessing to the murder. “We are confident in our personnel. There are no questions about what occurred because we have confessions and the murder weapon, he said. As for the precise cause, we might never understand it.

On Facebook, a reader of the Fresno Bee expressed her shock at the arrests. She wrote, “I just can’t even wrap my mind around this. “Horrific and sickening.” Get unrestricted online access Try it for a month and pay just $1! On Saturday, September 24, 2022, in Fresno, police reported that Yanelly Solorio Rivera, 18, and her infant daughter, Celine Solorio Rivera, who was only three weeks old, had died.

COURTESY Police Department of Fresno Following is a timeline of information released by police during the approximately seven-week investigation: Sept. 24: In response to allegations of many gunshots being fired at a remote property hidden inside an orchard at around 7:20 a.m., police reportedly sped to a residence on Fruit Avenue, which is just north of Jensen Avenue and on the fringe of the city. Police could only confirm the death of a young mother and infant and say that an investigation was still open.

News notifications in your inbox Become the first to learn about breaking news by subscribing to email alerts. LOG ON The Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service are in effect, and this website is secured by reCAPTCHA. On September 26, Yanelly Solorio Rivera and her infant daughter Celine were publicly recognized as a result of authorities continuing to follow leads.

The news broke on a Monday after a weekend that witnessed four murders in the city. Yanelly Solorio Rivera, 18, and Celine Solorio Rivera, her 3-week-old daughter, were shot and killed at 7:20 a.m. on September 24 inside a residence at Fruit and Jensen avenues, according to police.

Yearly Solorio Rivera, 22, and Martin Arroyo Morales, 26, are accused of planning the murders. Police Department of Fresno Sept. 27: Outside the house where the mother and child were killed, family members and friends gathered for a vigil in memory of the victims.

Although a spokesman spoke to reporters outside the gate, the family asked that the media remain outside the property. It was unknown if the older sister and the alleged victim’s boyfriend attended the event. Nov. 2: The police say that the reward for information that results in a conviction will rise to $25,000 after around six weeks of insufficient results.

Balderrama has hinted in the past that there was not enough information available at the time for detectives to make the arrests that would take place a week later. On Tuesday evening, September 27, 2022, about 100 people gathered for a vigil outside the house where Yanelly Solorio Rivera, 18, and her infant daughter, Celine Solorio Rivera, lived in the south of Fresno.

The two were shot on Saturday and were discovered dead inside the house. Police continue to look for the murderer. ZAMORA, ERIC PAUL ezamora@fresnobee.com Nov. 3: On the topic of reward money, Balderrama provided some fresh information concerning the murder.

According to him, the baby was being held by the young mother when both of them were shot, at least once each. Nov. 6: According to police, they conducted a more thorough search of the home’s surrounding orchard with assistance from the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.

The search and earlier pleas produced new leads, according to the police. In addition, they made a video of a man going through what looks like a parking lot and requested assistance in identifying him. Later, according to Balderrama, the man in the video is Arroyo Morales.

On Tuesday evening, September 27, 2022, south of Fresno, over 100 people attended a vigil to remember Yanelly Solorio Rivera, 18, and her infant daughter Celine Solorio Rivera. The two were shot at their rural house on Saturday and later died. Police continue to look for the murderer.

On November 10, Balderrama held a press conference to announce the older sister’s arrest the day before. Arroyo Morales was detained earlier this week, according to jail records. Both were being held on suspicion of two charges of murder with unique circumstances in lieu of $2 million. Yearly Solorio Rivera and Arroyo Morales are anticipated to be charged, according to Lisa Smittcamp, the district attorney for Fresno County.

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