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Iowa Family Vacationing in Florida Searching for Son’s Ashes

A couple from Iowa who went to Florida last month is looking for a unique stuffed animal. Liz Atkinson said she was visiting the beaches and amusement parks in Florida with her husband, Sebastian, and son when they misplaced Bruce, the stuffed animal, along the road.

Although my husband came off the boat with him first and buckled him, I recall Sebastian holding him, Atkinson said. Did it fall out in the Disney Springs parking lot at the orange ramp? We weren’t aware of it. A part of me wonders merely. The family had to go back home, but not before posting a request for assistance on Facebook.

Not because of Bruce’s adorable and cuddly exterior, but rather because of his past and what is within him, the task is dear to their hearts. Every hospitalization has had Bruce present. Too numerous to count. He has accompanied my son during each treatment, Atkinson added. “My still alive son clings to Bruce and sobs when he misses his brother.”

Many medical problems caused Atkinson’s other son, Gabryel, to pass away just a few days before his eighth birthday. The family took the plush animal to Disney in his honor because he always wanted to go, and some of his ashes were scattered. Hundreds of individuals have reportedly messaged Atkinson about finding Bruce as of late.

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‘We’ll look for you,’ people who don’t even know me volunteered. We have no idea. People have used their entire days off to follow in my footsteps, talk to people, and try to get out there, so hopefully, he returns home, wherever he may be, Atkinson said.

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Atkinson’s son Sebastian was seen on security footage at the Cocoa Beach Marina transporting Bruce to the family’s car. That indicates that he reached the Disney Springs region, but Atkinson claims what happened the rest of the way is unclear. Before vacationing in Kissimmee, the family visited Planet Hollywood and the LEGO store.


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