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Is Clerks 3 a True Life Based Story? Its Releasing Date, Cast, Story & Reviews

Clerk 3 is an English movie. Which is directed by Kevin Smith, and released on 22 September,2022.this movie is inspired by, the real-life incident of the director of the film. The makers of this movie featured all the contents in this movie that are experienced by Smith.

After suffering from a heart attack, he might feel that he is very close to death, and his life has nothing at that time. After his treatment, he came to the point and he said “ working in theatres for his complete life, and watched other people’s movies. He tells Dante that I think we need to make a movie. Later, Dante and Randal make the movie which is based on clerk’s story. The movie is called Clerks III. 

This is an upcoming American black comedy film. It is written by Kevin Smith, and the producer, director, or editor of this film is also Kevin Smith. The motive of this film is to present the sequel to 1994 and 2006. The film is preparing to reveal its world premiere on 4 September 2022 in Red Bank, New Jersey, Before its vital release on September 13 by Lionsgate.

Table of Contents

Clerks III Overview

Writer  Kevin Smith
Directed by  Kevin Smith 
Produced by Lis Destro 

Jordan Monsanto

Kevin Smith

Based on Character by Kevin Smith 
Starring Brian O’Halloran

Jeff Anderson

Trevor Fehrman

Austin Major 

Jason Mewes 

Rosario Dawson

Kevin smith

Cinematography Learn Kahanov
Edited by Kevin smith
Music by James L. Venable
Production Company View Askew Productions

Bandit Media Capital


Destro films 

Three Point Capital

Release date 4 September 2022 at Red bank, new jersey

13 September 2022 in the United states

Budget $7 million
Country United States
Language English
Distributed by Lionsgate

More about Cast

For some sources it may be most of the main lead characters who are in clerks’ previous two parts they may be in Clerks 3, They are listed as follows.

  • In clerks 3, one of the main characters is Brian O’Halloran as Dante, who is more responsible and maybe some semblance of stability and adulthood. Brians reprises a role that dates back to the first clerk.
  • The other lead, Jeff Anderson as Randal, Sardonic and abrasive, convinced Dante to buy the immediate stop and at the end of the clerks 3, run it themselves.
  •  As Dante’s ex-girlfriend Marilyn Ghiglotti is playing the role.  it’s the first time that in this movie Ghigliotti is representing his role in a significant way since 1994.
  • Dante’s wife and former boss, who married at the end of the movie, played the role, of Rosario Dawson as Becky.
  • Trevor Fehrman as Elias, an awkward friend of Dante and Randal who worked with them at Moody’s in Clerks II. 
Clerks 3
Clerks 3

About the writer

Who is Kevin Smith?

Kavin Smith is an American Actor, Writer, Director, Comic book writer, Screenwriter, and Producer, Who has a net worth of $25 Million. After achieving a lot of success in his journey he got his name in the entertainment industry. The reason behind making clerks 1994, too conspicuous with a low-budget comedy buddy film, is that he wrote the script, directed the movie, co-produced it, and also acted as a character.

The early life of Kevin Smith

The full name of the writer is Kevin Patrick Smith, who was born on 2 August 1970. His birthplace is Red Bank, New Jersey. Smith was the son of Grace ( Mother), who was a housewife. His father is a postal worker, He was Donald E. Smith (1936-2003). Smith has two siblings, an older sister and an older brother, Virginia and Donald Jr.

Because his father was working in a post office, they were working late night shifts. Therefore, his childhood programs were related to his father’s late-night shifts. Smith’s father didn’t love his job because besides this he can’t spend quality time with his family. Smith was very affected by his father’s behavior in this job. Then he realizes that he never wants to work at something that he doesn’t enjoy.

Firstly, he went to Henry Hudson Regional High School. At that school, he found his interest in comedy because he participates in many activities which are holding on the school campus, and he did many performances in his schooling journey. Later, he attended another school for his higher studies. The school’s name was The New School, which is in New York City, As Smiths’ interest is in comedy he dropped his studies and did not graduate. Smith met a person whose name was Jason Mewes at the same place where they both worked. Because they both have the same interest in comics they became friends.


For being “Culturally, Historically And Aesthetically Significant” the Clerk was selected by the Library of Congress for preservation in the United States National Film Registry.


Clerks 3 is going to be the rock on screen. Fan’s excitement has been seen only after watching the trailer. So be ready to see this Amazing track, the official trailer was uploaded on the personal  Youtube channel of  Kevin Smiths. The movie is also set for release.

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