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Is Katie Meier Married? Who is She Dating Now?

There is still no information available about Katie Meier’s spouse. Meier has never been engaged and is not currently seeing anyone. She has no other children from past partnerships, other than this one.

When she will get married and whether she is a member of the LBTQ community are still unknown. She wanted her team to be outspoken on a day when the sports department was celebrating diversity. She disclosed,

‘” I think that Miami, the community and the university, the diversity is something I’m quite proud of,” Meier said. “There’s a lot of different cultures, people are raised in different ways and there’s a real blending of all our differences. If someone’s from a different country, it’s nothing to judge. Whatever their sexuality is, it’s nothing to judge. Race, religion, all of that, we’re going to be a place that welcomes you and celebrates it.”

In the NCAA, Katie Meier earned headlines for her stunning comeback victory over Oklahoma State. The First Round of the tournament took place on March 18, 2023, a Saturday. Katie Meier, the renowned Hurricanes head coach, avoided punishment for a significant late-game technical violation. Chris Webber was yanked by her.

On April 5, 1993, Webber called the contentious timeout in the annals of college basketball. Michigan had none left when Webber attempted to use a timeout. He has therefore assessed a technical foul, which gave North Carolina possession of the ball and two shots. As a result, the Wolverines lost because they were unable to recover.

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On Saturday, Miami trailed 37-20 at the half. The narrative then took a complete 180-degree shift. Haley Cavinder, the Hurricanes’ captain and leading scorer, had a strong second half as they fought back with a 20-7 third quarter to win by one point. It was insane for the final ten seconds.

Cavinder was in line with her crew of two.  Her advantage grew to four points after she converted two free throws. Miami was ahead 62-58 with 8.9 seconds remaining. The following possession, the Cowgirls dropped a triple. After 4.9 seconds, their gap was cut in half. This is when things started to get interesting.

Miami was unsuccessful in advancing the ball. As a result, the official announced a five-second penalty, nullifying Miami’s possession and giving Oklahoma State the ball back. Meier was furious. She contended that the fact that the referee declined to grant her a timeout after she asked for one before the five-second violation was actually for the best.

Meier pleaded for the call, but since her team was out of timeouts, it was best if they did not receive a timeout penalty. If Meier’s timeout request had been granted, the Hurricanes would have received a technical foul. much like Webber in 1993.

The Cowgirls would have received the ball and two free throw chances, giving them the chance to seize the initiative and maintain control. Instead, Oklahoma State was allotted just 5.3 seconds of possession—no time for foul shots. The buzzer-beater missed, allowing Miami to escape.

Katie Meier: Who is she?

The estimated net worth of Katie Meier, who was born in the United States on December 19, 1967, is $5 million. At the University of North Carolina in Asheville, where she served as an assistant coach during the 1993–94 season, Meier made her collegiate coaching debut.

Her performance as a coach is closely related to her playing background as a standout at Duke University. She earned the ACC Rookie of the Year and Basketball Yearbook Freshman All-America honors in 1986 while representing Duke.

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In her fifteenth season, Meier is the head women’s basketball coach for the Miami Hurricanes. She and the team she led in 2010–2011, which concluded the season 26-3, shared the ACC regular season championship (12–2).

She received the 2010–2011 season’s AP College Basketball Coach of the Year and ACC Coach of the Year honors. Meier has spent 15 seasons as the Canes’ head coach. The team has had nine seasons with 20 victories and eleven postseason appearances over that period, including 10 straight from 2009 to 2019.


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