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Is Margaret Sullavan Dead or Still Alive? Cause Of Death& More!

Though she appeared to be as lovely as any other Hollywood actress, everyone knew Margaret Sullavan did things her way, holding a strength that both intimidated executives and enchanted leading heartthrobs. Despite her uncompromising control over her professional success, her personal life was chaotic—and ultimately disastrous.

1. Margaret Sullavan Was Born Into A Wealth

Margaret Sullavan, born in 1909, made her debut in Norfolk, Virginia. Her childhood appeared to be idyllic: her father was a wealthy stockbroker, and her parents had high expectations for Margaret and her brothers. Despite her lavish lifestyle, Margaret’s life lacked one crucial aspect.

2.Margaret Sullavan Had No Friends

Sullavan was a fragile child with terrible muscular weakness in her legs that limited her capacity to walk. This has disastrous effects. She wasn’t well enough to socialize with other children her age until she was six, resulting in a highly lonely existence for the young girl. Things became even more tricky after she recovered.

3.Margaret Sullavan Was a Dissident

Sullivan’s snobbish parents had preconceived notions about who their daughter should associate with, and they wanted her to socialize solely with people of a certain social class. They were shocked when Sullavan, swiftly becoming an adventurous tomboy, began hanging out with the no-frills guys from the poorer districts. “I liked to be out roughing it with the boys,” Sullavan subsequently revealed.

Margaret Sullavan

4. Margaret Sullavan Was Determined

Sullavan quickly outgrew the crinolines her parents were attempting to knot her into. She was far too ambitious to be a mere debutante, and instead became the president of her boarding school’s student body. The astute cookie even delivered the welcome speech. Sullivan, on the other hand, would soon turn her intellect against her.

5. Margaret Sullavan Disobeyed Her Parents

Sullivan’s well-to-do parents hoped that their little cutie would become a society darling until 1927. Sullavan crushed those expectations. Against her parents’ stated desires, she came to Boston to study acting and dance, a theatrical career that her parents thought was completely gauche. And boy, did they express their annoyance.

6. Margaret Sullavan’s Parents Exacted Vengeance On Her

Fearing that their Maggie might turn into a hussy “actress,” the Sullivans reduced Maggie’s budget to the bare minimum in an attempt to compel her to return home. That’s not going to happen. To make ends meet, Margaret rolled up her sleeves and found a job as a clerk. She was correct to persevere: she had an appointment with destiny.

7. Margaret Sullavan Cause Of Death

Margaret passed away in New Haven, Connecticut, in the United States of America on January 1, 1960. She was fifty years old. An overdose of barbiturates was the reason that Margaret passed away.

8. Is Margaret Sullavan Dead or Still Alive?

Margaret Brooke, born in Norfolk, Virginia, to rich stockbroker Cornelius Hancock Sullavan and heiress Garland Council Sullavan, overcame a muscular deficiency as a child to become a rebellious teenager in upscale private schools.

She went on to play with the Harvard University Players before making her Broadway debut in Hello, Lola in 1926. Her Christmas Day marriage to Henry Fonda in 1931 lasted only 15 months, and her subsequent marriages to director William Wyler and agent Leland Hayward were as turbulent.

Bridget and Bill, two of her three children, would spend time in psychiatric hospitals before committing suicide. Friends speculated that her breakdown was caused by the breakdown of her family life. Her condition deteriorated over time until she was discovered unconscious in a hotel room from barbiturate intoxication. The county coroner determined her death be accidental.

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