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Jaehyun Dating Scandal: Is He Dating an American Actress?

Jaehyun (Jeong Yun-o; born February 14, 1997) is a South Korean singer and actor. He’s a member of NCT and its sub-units NCT U and NCT 127, debuting with NCT U in April 2016 and NCT 127 in July 2016. Jaehyun hosted Inkigayo in 2019-2021. As an actor, he debuted in Dear (2022). Do you have an interest in learning about the member of NCT Jaehyun’s love life? Continue reading here to learn more about Jaehyun Dating.

About the Rumors of Dating an American Actress!

The internet spread of the idea that NCT member Jaehyun was involved in a romantic relationship with an American Netflix star began in December 2020. Twitter was the initial source of the rumors. According to the rumor, an informant from Korea said that NCT members Jaehyun, Doyoung, and Taeyong were dating. Dating scandals are a natural consequence of this situation.

In another tweet, “a user asserted that Jaehyun was dating a well-known person from the United States. They saw each other despite the physical space between them. The post added that the actress received recognition for her performance in a well-known drama on Netflix. According to the user, the couple had only been dating for two months.”

Several people were taken aback by the unexpected claims, and several internet users immediately began searching for hints about the mysterious woman’s identity. However, despite everyone’s best efforts, no one could locate evidence that Jaehyun had been romantically involved with a Netflix actress from the United States.

The Twitter thread discussed the relationship allegations surrounding Jaehyun. However, there was no objective evidence to support these statements, even though it was first compelling. As a result, it is difficult to ascertain whether or not the rumors contain any truth to them. In addition, neither SM Entertainment nor Jaehyun addressed the claims in any way during their interviews.

jaehyun dating
Jae-Hyun dating

It is improbable that this would be the first time relationship rumors were propagated via social media. Many people feel that the story was spread to garner likes and retweets because the members of NCT each have sizable fan bases of their own. At this time, there is no evidence to indicate whether or not the information that was circulated was accurate.

As of this writing, it has not been established who the NCT member Jaehyun is dating. Given all of this information, it is safe to assume that the male idol does not have a significant other.
According to the website SoMagNews.com, Jaehyun is looking for a girlfriend that has a fantastic personality. He wants to be in a relationship with someone who is reliable and has a disposition that is kind and caring. In addition, Jaehyun is looking for a self-assured girlfriend, maintains a healthy lifestyle, and is affectionate toward others.

In addition, KProfiles.com claims that Jaehyun is looking for a girlfriend who has long, straight hair. In addition, he is looking for someone who is reliable and has strong communication skills.


According to our data, Jaehyun is not dating anyone at this time. As of 2022, Jaehyun is not involved with any other person. He is 25 years old now, Jaehyun. The website CelebsCouples claims that Jaehyun has been in at least one other relationship in the past. He has not been married or engaged in the past.

This is a description of the current state of Jaehyun’s intimate relationships. Follow unitedfact.com if you like this post and want to be informed of such updates in the future.


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