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Jane Curtin Net Worth: Age, Height & Weight!

Queen of the Deadpan, Jane Curtis is an actress and comedian who is well-known for her sardonic delivery. The Philadelphia Inquirer referred to her as “a drop of acid that refreshes.” The actress is excited to watch on screen because of her engaging personality and the special way she relates to her audience. In her early adolescence, Jane develops an interest in performing, leading her to launch a professional acting career.

She was cast on NBC’s Saturday Night Live and gained notoriety for her impressions of a wide range of personalities. By the show’s later seasons, Jane had joined the hosts as a co-host. The actress had roles in both comedies and musicals on Broadway. Jane’s offbeat sense of humor has made her a fan favorite.

The Jane musical was well-received by both the public and the critics. The actress’s acting and energetic performance captivated an international audience. You may be familiar with Jane Curtin, but do you know her age, height, and wealth in the year 2022? If you are unfamiliar with Jane Curtin, we have included information in this article on her brief biography wiki, which includes details such as her career, professional life, personal life, today’s net worth, age, height, weight, and more. Let’s get going if you’re ready.

Jane Curtin’s Life History & Biography

Jane Constance Curtin was born on September 6, 1947, to Mary Constance and John Joseph Curtin in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. The insurance agency was founded by her father. Originally from England, Jane was brought up in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

A graduate of Newton Country Day’s Convent of the Sacred Heart class of 1965. Larry Curtin is Jane’s brother, while John J. Jack was her older sibling. From 1967 to 1968, Curtin is enrolled at Northeastern University. Eliza Seton Junior College was where she studied. She wed Patrick Francis Lynch on April 2, 1975. Tess Curtin Lynch, the couple’s daughter, was born in 1983, and she was a blessing. The family lived in Sharon, Connecticut.

Jane Curtin Age, Height, and Weight

Jane Curtin is 75 years old today, December 10, 2022, having been born on September 6, 1947. She weighs 50 kilograms and is 5 feet and four inches tall.

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Jane Curtin Career

Curtin left college to pursue a stand-up comedy career. Jane is now a member of the comedic ensemble, The Proposition. After being a member since 1968, she finally decided to leave in 1972. She had a part in the off-Broadway production of Curtin, John Forster, Judith Kahan, and Fred Grandy’s Pretzels. Two different comedic programs wanted to hire the actress.

Both Saturday Night Live on ABC with Howard Cosell and Saturday Night Live on NBC extended job offers to Jane. The performer signed on for NBC. It was a wise choice on Jane’s part, as ABC canceled Saturday Night Live after only 18 episodes. The actress first appeared on television in 1975 on NBC’s Saturday Night Live. She stayed with the production for over five years. In the show, Curtin played the role of a strong professional lady.

Jane Curtin Net Worth

Leaving the show in 1980, she began pursuing a new opportunity. She co-starred with Joanne Woodward as Candida in the film. She had roles in the films O.C. and Stiggs and How to Beat High Cost of Living. In the ABC sitcom Kate & Allie, Jane was a pivotal character. The show catapulted the actress to stardom. No new episodes would be made after 1989. It had been five years, but now she’s back on Broadway with Love Letters.

Starting in 1996, she was a part of 3rd Rock from the Sun all the way through 2001. In 2003, Jane acted in a TV version of the classic drama Our Town. Curtin was a cast member of the ABC comedy series Crumbs. She initially agreed to play an unstable mother but dropped out after a short time. She then appeared in the 2009 film I Love You, Man. Jane had a role in the CBS comedy series Unforgettable.

Jane Curtin’s Net Worth

By the end of 2022, Jane Curtin has amassed a net worth of $18 million. Actress and Saturday Night Live cast member. The actress went on to appear in a number of films and TV shows after she left the show. The actress attained phenomenal popularity because of her use of social media.

She was a frequent performer on the Broadway stage. In 1984, 1987, and 1998, she was a representative for the Emmys. The actress narrated many audiobooks like Nature Girl. Selected Shorts was hosted by Curtin. The studio behind the release was called Symphony Space. Successfully pursuing a career in both acting and comedy allowed Jane to amass her current wealth.

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) had Curtin as their National Ambassador from the United States. The 1986 list of the Best Actors and Actresses of All Time featured the actress. Through her performance, Jane has won the hearts of many. Jane is still active in the film and television industries.

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