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It’s Official: Jared Goff and Sean Mcvay Are Getting a Divorce in 2022!

Sean McVay and Jared Goff’s romance has moved past the novelty phase. It’s safe to say that Los Angeles Rams head coach did everything in his power to boost the career of his mediocre quarterback. He did help Goff cash in on an undeserved contract extension that made him the highest-paid player in NFL history at one point in terms of guaranteed money if nothing else.

Forget about that; it happened a long time ago. The outlook is gloomy. Steve Wyche, an insider with NFL Network, said on Monday that McVay and Goff’s relationship is “not great” and that “they need marriage counselling” during the offseason. They won’t be splitting up until at least 2022, regardless of the outcome.

“People I’ve talked to have summed up the current state of affairs between Goff and McVay as follows: not great. I’ve had one person suggest marriage counselling for them. I believe they will be able to overcome this challenge, but they will need time to heal and not just Jared Goff’s wounded thumb.”

Goff signed a $134 million contract in September 2019 with $110 million guaranteed over four years. After the 2022 season, when releasing Goff will result in only $8.6 million in dead cap space, the Rams will be able to get out of that contract without taking a huge cap penalty. Astoundingly, in 2021, the dead cap hit amounts to $65.5 million. Even if they leave in 2022, they’ll still be responsible for the $30.9 million dead cap hit.


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It’s not shocking that McVay has issues with his quarterback. After a breakthrough 2018 campaign, Goff has taken a step back. After accumulating 60 touchdown passes and only 19 interceptions in his first two seasons as a starter, his current numbers are 42 touchdowns and 29 picks.

This season, he had seven games with a passer rating of 100 or higher, but he also had five games with a rating of 80 or lower. This is all to imply that he cannot be relied upon and is inconsistent. If your team’s defence is good enough to win a championship, you don’t want that guy under centre. Followers of the Bears will understand.

Jared Goff Divorce

Wyche suggested the Rams may add an experienced player to challenge Goff for the starting job in the upcoming summer. Goff will be the starter for the Rams in 2021 unless the veteran wins the starting quarterback fight.

Due to his contract and performance, he is not available for trade or release.

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After three seasons as probably the most inventive young coach in the game, McVay is also here to stay unless he decides to leave of his own accord.

The exes must figure out how to reconcile their differences and go forward together. It is in the best interest of all parties to find a mutually beneficial way forward for them and the team, even if Goff is no longer McVay’s first choice as a quarterback.

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