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The Fantasy Football Chronicles: JD Harmeyer’s Rollercoaster Ride

JD Harmeyer

JD Harmeyer

Fantasy football enthusiasts across the nation eagerly await the start of the NFL season, with hopes of their carefully crafted rosters dominating the league. However, in the curious case of JD Harmeyer, a beloved member of the Stern Show, the excitement comes tinged with anxiety. JD’s recent draft pick, Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce, has been sidelined by an untimely injury, leaving JD to question his luck and strategy.

JD’s High Hopes Shattered

JD Harmeyer, known for his passion for the Cincinnati Bengals, embarked on this fantasy football journey with high hopes. In the draft, he made an audacious move by picking Travis Kelce as his first choice. It seemed like a logical choice as Kelce had performed exceptionally well in the past. However, the unforeseen occurred – Kelce injured his knee, casting doubt on his availability for the opening game.

JD’s colleague and Chiefs superfan, Richard Christy, commented on the situation, saying, “That was JD’s first pick.” The disappointment was palpable as JD had envisioned Kelce as a cornerstone of his fantasy squad.

Was it Bad Luck or Poor Decision-Making?

The question on everyone’s mind was whether JD’s drafting strategy was flawed or if he was simply plagued by bad luck. JD quickly defended his choice, stating, “I had him last year. He did great. He never gets injured, and I felt very confident taking him.”

The Conflict of Emotions

In a twist of fate, JD found himself in a quandary. As a Bengals fan, he harbored mixed feelings about Kelce’s injury. He admitted, “Part of me hopes he doesn’t play because that means the Chiefs have less of a chance of winning.”

A Clash with the Commissioner

Beyond the travails of his fantasy team, JD Harmeyer found himself in another conundrum. Michael Fabiano, the new commissioner of the Emotional Friends Fantasy Football League, attracted JD’s ire. JD criticized Fabiano for being too nice and for offering unsolicited advice to team owners.

“JD has been a little nasty with him,” Richard Christy remarked, highlighting the tension between the two.

JD, however, remained steadfast in his stance, emphasizing the importance of impartiality in a commissioner. He clarified, “I don’t want to be commissioner.”

JD Harmeyer

The Commissioner Carousel

The discussion turned to the history of commissioners in their fantasy league. Gary Dell’Abate revealed, “We’re on our fourth commissioner,” with Will Murray, Jason Kaplan, and Michael Rapaport having previously taken up the mantle.

Howard Stern couldn’t help but inject humor into the situation, suggesting that JD and the league members should be grateful to Fabiano for dedicating his time to the league, even if it seemed a bit “stupid” at times.

JD Harmeyer’s fantasy football journey has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. From high hopes and bold draft choices to unexpected injuries and commissioner clashes, JD’s experience is a testament to the unpredictable nature of fantasy sports. As the NFL season kicks off, JD and his fellow league members can only hope for the best and brace themselves for the twists and turns that lie ahead.

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 Who is JD Harmeyer?

JD Harmeyer is a well-known staffer on the Howard Stern Show and a passionate Cincinnati Bengals fan who participates in fantasy football leagues.

Why did JD pick Travis Kelce as his first choice?

JD chose Travis Kelce as his first draft pick based on Kelce’s consistent performance in previous seasons and his belief that Kelce was injury-resistant.

How did JD react to Travis Kelce’s injury?

JD had mixed feelings about Kelce’s injury, as it potentially benefited his beloved Bengals but also posed a challenge to his fantasy team.

What issues did JD have with the league’s commissioner, Michael Fabiano?

JD criticized Michael Fabiano for being too nice and for offering unsolicited advice to team owners, leading to tension within the league.

How many commissioners has the Emotional Friends Fantasy Football League had?

The league has had four commissioners, including JD Harmeyer, in its history.

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