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Jeff Wittek and Cierra Break Up: Is Jeff Wittek Dating Someone Again?

After three years together as a couple, Cierra Ramirez and her ex-boyfriend Jeff Wittiek decided to end their relationship. Ramirez has moved on with her life and is now seeing a new boyfriend. Let’s find the reason behind Jeff Wittek and Cierra’s Break Up.


The Reason Behind Jeff Wittek and Cierra Break Up?


“Hating him comes naturally. For the episode titled “CONFRONTING BRYCE HALL ABOUT HIS MISTAKES,” Jeff welcomed his guest by saying, “But as a fellow guy with little skill and who is only recognized because of his ex-girlfriend, I can identify with Bryce.

Jeff may have been sarcastic when he said he didn’t mention Cierra’s role in his accomplishment. However, the offhand statement nonetheless sparked the curiosity of their admirers, who began to speculate about the nature of the interaction between the two.

After meeting each other for the first time in a Los Angeles nightclub in early 2015, Jeff and Cierra quickly became an item. They were together for three years, which they meticulously documented on various social media platforms.

In March 2015, they made their Instagram relationship official with a sweet snapshot of themselves cuddling. Many of these detailed their fun times together, whether on a date, at the beach, or just chilling out with pals.

If you want to know when Jeff’s acting career took off, it was while he was with Cierra.

In 2016, he appeared in many of Anwar Jibawi’s comedic short films, including Declined Credit Card and Crazy Drug Lord. Subsequently, the same year, he had a recurring role in a TV miniseries called Lele Pons and Hannah Stocking.

Petting Scorpions was a 2017 short film written and directed by The Young Astronauts, and it was Jeff and Cierra’s first and only collaboration. In it, Cierra portrayed the role of Daisy, a feisty heroine intent on exacting vengeance on the cult leader who had cast her out for revealing his filthy little secrets. Jeff plays Ace, a brave young guy eager to assist her in her fight for fair treatment.

Jeff Wittek And Cierra Break Up
Jeff Wittek And Cierra Break Up

In 2018, Jeff reunited with Anwar to collaborate on a comedic short titled Superhero Therapy, which provided an intimate look inside the minds of some of the world’s mightiest superheroes. Since then, he has had just one additional acting role. As of this writing (January 2019), he has played Mike in the Stories from In Future out episode titled “Getting to Know You.”


Is He Dating Someone Again?


While Jeffrey Wittek, like many in the public eye, prefers to keep his private life off-limits, we will keep this page updated with any new information we get about possible romantic involvements.

Count at least one former girlfriend in Jeffrey Wittek’s history. In contrast to several of his contemporaries, Jeffrey Wittek has never been married before. We are actively researching the history of our dates and connections.


The reports about Jeffrey Witteks’s romantic history online are inconsistent. While it’s not hard to learn who Jeffrey Wittek is dating at any time, it may be more challenging to keep up with all of his affairs, liaisons, and breakups. Keeping track of every celebrity couple and their dating history is an even more significant challenge. You should let us know if you find any details we have about Jeffrey Wittek to be out of the current.

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