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Divorce Talk Between Jen Arnold and Bill Klein?

There’s a terrible rumor going around that The Little Couple’s Jen Arnold and Bill Klein are divorcing. The news that the family had decided to up and relocate to Boston has given this story new life in recent days.

Some people thought Jen and Bill were divorcing and that was the underlying reason for the relocation. Is there any basis for this divorce rumor, or is someone just trying to up the TLC drama ante? Lucky for us, we know all that needs to be known.

Jen Arnold, Bill Klein Divorce Rumors: TLC Star Clears Air

We already reported that Jen Arnold announced her impending surgery on Instagram yesterday. The hip replacement she underwent more than 20 years ago, she said, had finally given out. Furthermore, she required emergency hip revision surgery.

For those who follow The Little Couple, Jen revealed that she was aware of the likelihood of this happening. Inconveniently, the family had recently moved to Boston, so the timing was terrible.

She began her Instagram video by saying she wanted to “set the record straight.” They told her that people were spreading tales about her and Bill Klein. It was said that Susan and Bill were divorcing due to marital problems.


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She wasted little time dispelling rumors, assuring her devotees there were no problems of any kind. Both Jen Arnold and Bill said they were fine when asked about their relationship. There was no breakup of any kind. She wasn’t sure where these reports were coming from, and this puzzled her.

She Goes Under The Knife Today

Multiple times, Jen Arnold updated her Instagram profile with new content. We now know that she has spent the last few days getting her house and family ready for her surgery thanks to these updates. In her pre-surgery ritual, she made sure to spend time with each member of the team. And she posed for a sweet pre-op photo with her husband Bill.

Jen Arnold & Bill Klein Divorce

None of her followers brought up the speculation that she was seeing Bill in the comments section. All their attention was on sending well-wishes for her surgery.

Were you aware of the split-up rumors between Jen and Bill? To what extent did you trust them? Leave your feedback in the section below. Don’t forget to bookmark this page so you can check back for updates.

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