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Who is Jen Hatmaker? And Why Did He Get Divorced?

Unlike her regular best-selling books, novelist and motivational speaker Jen Hatmaker’s divorce made news in 2020. Years after Jen and their ex-husband Brandon Hatmaker split, many still want to know the real reason.

For what reason, then, did Jen and her husband decide to separate? Read on as we break down what we know about Jen’s love life and what led to her and Brandon breaking up.

Who is Jen Hatmaker?

Author, lecturer, blogger, and TV host Jennifer Lynn Hatmaker (née King; 1974 is a household name in the United States.

She was profiled in an issue of Christianity Today.

She co-hosts the HGTV show Your Big Family Renovation with her ex-husband Brandon and their five kids. For the Love, her only book was a New York Times bestseller.

Why Did Jen Hatmaker Get Divorce?

Despite the passage of considerable time since Jen and Brandon announced their divorce, they have not provided an official explanation for the breakup. At the time, Jen said on Instagram that she and her family were “navigating an unanticipated catastrophe.”


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In the following update to her account, she explained what it all meant. She stated, “We are in a moment with no handbook and without any idea of how to handle this privately, much less publicly.” “I haven’t been able to hide my sadness from you, and I appreciate your kindness and patience over the past few weeks. Brandon and I have decided to end our marriage, and I don’t know how to break the news to him.”

When fans learned that Jen and Brandon had broken up, many assumed that Brandon had cheated on Jen. It has never been established whether or whether the divorce was the result of infidelity rumors.

Jen continues in the aforementioned post: “Even though we know all the circumstances, I was nonetheless taken aback and am still shocked right now. I am completely taken aback, devastated, and heartbroken. No one should eat our pain. We’re just regular folks trying to do the best we can in a challenging situation, and we mean it.”

Jen Hatmaker Personal Life

Hatmaker wed Brandon Hatmaker in 1993. Two of their five kids are adopted. In September 2020, Hatmaker made the “totally unexpected” announcement on her social media channels that she and Brandon were splitting up.

Together, Jen and Brandon founded the Austin New Church and the Legacy Collective.

Since Brandon has been such a visible face of Jen’s success since the couple joined together, the news of their breakup came as a shock to her many readers. They married in 1993 and have been blessed with five children: Sydney Beth, Ben, Gavin, Remy, and Caleb. In 2014, the whole family appeared in the reality show Your Big Family Renovation.

Jen Hatmaker Divorce

Joshua Harris, an ordained minister, now leads the congregation at the Austin New Church, which Jen and Brandon helped build.

Plus, they started a charity together to combat human trafficking and help people gain access to healthcare and stable housing: the Legacy Collective.

Brandon and Jen may no longer be a couple, but the movements they helped launch will endure long after they’ve broken up.

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