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Jesse Williams Divorce Is Ongoing, But He Just Won A Big Case

Jesse Williams Divorce: In addition to his comeback to Grey’s Anatomy for the season 18 finale, Jesse Williams had a busy year with his Broadway debut in Take Me Out, for which he received a Tony Award nomination. Behind the scenes, however, the actor continues to dispute child support payments with his ex-wife, Aryn Drake-Lee. This week, the ex-couple was back in court, and the actor for Jackson Avery won a major case.

Jesse Williams asked for a reduction in his child support payments back in April, claiming a substantial drop in his monthly salary since leaving Grey’s Anatomy. Temporarily, the judge lowered the monthly payments from $40,000 to $6,413.

In a closed courtroom on August 30, Radar says that the judge heard arguments from both the actor and Aryn Drake-Lee, ultimately ruling in favor of Drake-Lee to continue collecting a lesser payment.

The court ordered Williams to pay $6,146 per month in child support when he is in town to exercise their shared custody agreement and $7,953 per month when he is working outside of the country.

Another significant win for Jesse Williams, who went from making $6.2 million for his role as Jackson Avery on the ABC medical drama to just $1,668 per week when he departed Grey’s Anatomy after 12 seasons for the bright lights of Broadway.

Aryn Drake-Lee claimed that she and the couple’s two children shouldn’t be punished for her ex-decision husband’s to change employment, despite the fact that it’s clear to understand how the shift in income would make $40,000 monthly payments extremely tough.

She said that even if it was Jesse Williams’s choice to relocate, he still couldn’t “shed his family duties” and follow “his own path.” Jesse Williams and Aryn Drake-divorce Lee’s case has been going back and forth through the courts since Williams filed for divorce in 2017.

Drake-Lee even said that the actor was trying to cause trouble by repeatedly filing paperwork on issues that had already been decided. She said Williams and his attorney “bullied me, harassed me and had tantrums when they didn’t get what they wanted at the very last minute.”

The couple had been dating for five years before getting married in 2012. Before breaking up in 2017, they had two children: Sadie in 2013 and Maceo in 2015. The year 2020 marks the official end of their divorce.

Jesse Williams Divorce
Jesse Williams Divorce

Child support payments for Aryn Drake-Lee may be reduced from what they had been in the past. It will be fascinating to observe if his payments remain proportional to his earnings. Can you imagine the reactions if he agreed to do a Japril spinoff with Sarah Drew?

Fans of Grey’s Anatomy can take comfort in the fact that Jackson Avery and April Kepner are back together, as shown in their guest appearance on the Grey’s season finale, and Jesse Williams has stated that “it’s likely” Japril will return to the program in the future.

The premiere of Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 will be broadcast on ABC at 9 p.m. ET on Thursday, October 6. Look at our 2022 TV Schedule to find out when your favorite shows will be returned to television.

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