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Jessica Simpson Said Before Plastic Surgery Went Bad That “You May Die”

Jessica Simpson described how she disregarded a doctor’s warning that she “may die” and wound up spending nine days in the hospital due to complications from cosmetic surgery. By 2015, the 39-year-old had given birth to two children, Maxwell, 7, and Ace, 6, and was plagued by stretch marks and extra skin as a result of her fluctuating weight.

Jessica discusses her body-image issues in detail in her new memoir Open Book. She didn’t want to be personal without a t-shirt on since it affected her sex life with her husband Eric Johnson. Jessica made the decision to have a partial stomach tuck in 2015 as a gift to herself for turning 35. She was traveling in St. Barts at the time when her doctor called with some serious concerns.

The With You singer was two weeks out from the treatment when a medical professional advised her against having it done because of issues with her liver levels. According to Jessica, “He was forthright.” “My plastic surgeon might have given the go-ahead for me to have the procedure in two weeks, but he wouldn’t.”

He warned her, “You could die,” and recommended she abstain from using drugs and drinking alcohol for three months. Jessica Simpson is expecting. The former pop diva received the stomach tuck in 2013, after giving birth to two children.

However, Jessica, who is also the mother of 10-month-old Birdie, chose to “disregard” what the doctor advised and go forward with the procedure. The reality star, however, wasn’t happy with the results and ultimately underwent a full stomach tuck.

Jessica Simpson Said Before Plastic Surgery Went Bad That You May Die

“This procedure required extra work.” Even though I had stopped drinking to get ready, there was a sensation that something was going to go wrong right away, Jessica said in an excerpt published by Radar Online. However, there were issues with the procedure, and Jessica had to spend nine days in the hospital.

Jennifer Simpson 2014 visitor Jessica received a warning not to proceed with the procedure. She claimed, “I got colitis, an infection, and was vomiting so much I felt I was going to break my sutures.” “Doctors seriously discussed the need for a blood transfusion with me.”

Jessica looks back with remorse and probably won’t schedule another abdominal surgery anytime soon. “I can assure you that what’s inside cannot be cured by plastic surgery,” she said. Really, it comes down to how you feel on the inside, and even after the stitches were removed, I continued to be hard on myself. I had more jobs to do. On February 20, Jessica Simpson’s Open Book will be available.

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