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Joel and Victoria Osteen’s Divorce Rumors: Truth Behind Joel Osteen Divorce

The year 1987 marked the beginning of the Osteens’ married life together. Joel Osteen’s passionate Christian preaching has won him fans and opponents for over a decade. Due to the legacy of scandal-plagued televangelists before him, Osteen has spent a significant portion of his career defending his reputation. Please find out more about Joel Osteen’s private life and whether the rumor that he and his wife, Victoria Osteen, recently split is true.

Beginning of Joel and Victoria Osteen’s Relationship:

Houston, Texas-based pastor and televangelist Joel Osteen. Osteen, whose father was a minister, gave his debut sermon in 1999. Formerly a feed shop, he uses the Compaq Center to manage Lakewood Church. His weekly service is seen by over 13 million Americans at home and has 43,000 live attendance.

Since Osteen considers himself non-denominational, he is not subject to the same restrictions and requirements that other Christians face. Osteen, for instance, has been married to Victoria Osteen since 1987, even though Catholic priests are not allowed to have spouses.

Victoria was born in Huntsville, Alabama, on March 28, 1961, although she moved to Houston when she was two. She grew up in a devout Christian home with a deacon father and a Sunday school teacher mother.

Both Victoria and Joel Osteen are blessed with offspring. Born on April 20, 1995, Jonathan attended the University of Texas and graduated with a degree in screenwriting. He now preaches to the young people of Lakewood Church, much like his father did before him.

joel osteen divorce
Joel Osteen divorce

Alexandra, is a musician and UT Austin student born on November 9, 1998. She and her older brother play in a religious band called LYA. The band has a new EP out for 2019 called In the Name, Vol. 1. It has accumulated over 150,000 plays of their song “I’ve Got A Fire” on the music streaming service Spotify.

When Victoria first met Joel, he worked at her mother’s jewelry business, and she was a psychology student at the University of Houston. Osteen walked into Iloff Jewelers in need of a new watch battery. They tied the knot in 1987, just two years later.

“When we were married, we weren’t pastors,” Victoria remarked in a radio interview with getting Up! Mornings. “We were only two kids… We’ve matured as people and as a couple, and we’ve gotten better at loving one another. I didn’t anticipate it to be this gorgeous when I got married.

Starting of Joel and Victoria Osteen’s divorce rumors:

Why? Because of Osteen’s “Let Go of the Ashes” blog article from 2014. That “the adversary would love for you to spend your whole life wallowing in the ashes, resentful over a romance that didn’t work out,” he adds. It’s time to cast those ashes to lose. If you’ve recently been divorced, try to move on. God has someone more extraordinary in store for you.
Osteen’s statements didn’t sit well with some conservatives who don’t believe in divorce. Some questioned whether he was content in his relationship. Of course, this was not the case. Osteen isn’t one to spend much time preaching about sin and damnation. One glance at any of his or Victoria’s social media pages, and you’ll immediately realize that the two retain a unified front.

Despite claims that the pair separated long ago, Victoria has remained Joel’s wife for nearly 30 years. The rumor that they had broken up turned out to be completely baseless.

The oddness of their regulations may be what helps them. Osteen, for instance, follows the “Billy Graham Rule,” according to which he doesn’t socialize with women unless there are witnesses.

He told Piers Morgan on CNN, “Wives don’t look good for everybody else,” indicating that he wants his wife always to look presentable. Dress well for your hubby, too!

Victoria added, “Don’t wear that same old bathrobe you’ve used for the previous ten years.” And that’s precisely what he meant. Truth be told, we could have used a friendly reminder, “Hey, you know what? Indeed, we do require the luxury of this delay.

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