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Joey Ben Zvi Parents Debbie and Daniel Ben-Zvi – Buying Beverly Hills Cast Family Life

In order to retain its billion-dollar valuation and its company in LA’s upscale market, Mauricio Umansky’s brokerage, “The Agency,” hires a variety of agents and outstanding realtors. This world of real estate is shown in the show. On November 4, it appeared on the streaming service.

While the audience is adoring its many facets, including its luxury and drama, Joey Ben Zvi is not receiving much support from the crowd. His attitude and egotistical nature appear to have angered the viewers, who are airing their irritation online. He joined the company as a junior agent and was given the responsibility of learning the business from Ben Black.

Who Are The Parents Of Joey Ben Zvi?

Joey Ben Zvi was born into a stable home with their parents Debbie Renee David and Daniel Ben-Zvi. Daniel, the man who raised him, has been a mediator and arbitrator since 1995. He works at ADR Services Inc. and graduated from law school. According to Gossip Next Door, he received his Juris Doctor from the Cardozo School of Law.

His mother, Debbie, is 63 years old and was also raised by US Army Air Corps members. Her father spent a lot of time working for the police. According to GND, Debbie finished her education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The couple, who are both in their sixties, have been together for many years and still adore and care for one another.

Joey The family’s eldest child is Ben Zvi. According to Mixed Article, he has two younger sisters named Amy and Sarah. Although the sources identify his siblings and family, they don’t provide any additional information about them, leaving questions about their personal and professional histories. Amy and Sarah are probably in their early twenties because they are both younger than Joey. In addition, we haven’t heard anything new concerning their online information.

Joey Ben Zvi  Net Worth

According to The Cinemaholic, American real estate agent, Joey Ben Zvi is worth an estimated $2 million. Based on his business activities, which average roughly $5 million in value, it calculates his net worth. The source estimates his annual income in the luxury real estate sector to be somewhere between two and three million dollars.

Joey Ben Zvi Parents Debbie and Daniel Ben-Zvi - Buying Beverly Hills Cast Family Life

In 2013 while still a student, Joey co-founded Plus Prosthetics and worked as an intern for the Institute of Myeloma and Bone Cancer. But after completing high school, he turned his attention back to his studies and enrolled in college.

After serving as an intern at Koss Real Estate Investments in 2015, the LA guy entered the real estate industry. Last but not least, he began working closely with The Agency in 2018 after finishing his practice and bachelor’s degrees.

In order to start his real estate career, Joey founded the BZP Group alongside Brandon Piller in 2021. Even if official confirmation is still absent, numerous outlets estimate the agent’s wealth to be in the millions given his career to date.

Around three years ago, Joey and Alexia were romantically involved, according to fans who had assumed as much after seeing them on the Netflix series. The spectators saw some chemistry between them because they seemed to be pretty close, which fueled the rumors. But US Magazine says that Alexia has a partner off-screen who gets along well with the entire family.

Mauricio Umansky reportedly acknowledged his daughter’s actual lover in the US Magazine article. The story does, however, add that the couple from the show was formerly romantically linked. According to Alexia’s confession quoted in the story, Joey and she had a sexual relationship three years ago before she met her current boyfriend.

Alexia Umansky And Joey Ben Zvi Are They Dating?

Alexia Umansky and Joey Ben Zvi are not dating because the woman already has a partner in real life. But three years ago, they were romantically involved.

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