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Karnataka Seer Found Dead; Suicide Suspected

Kunchagal Bande Math’s seer, who was discovered hanging on Monday, reportedly committed himself because he was the target of “blackmail,” according to the police.
The police have recovered what they believe to be the seer’s suicide letter, in which he accuses several individuals of “harassing and blackmailing” him.

Math in Kempupura in Magadi taluk here has a history of more than 400 years, and its leader, Sri Basavalingeshwara Swami, was discovered hanging from a window grill of the puja house on the grounds.

The head priest, the seer, who had assumed leadership of the math in 1997, just celebrated his silver jubilee.

It has been reported that the math staff became concerned when the seer didn’t answer their knocks or phone calls and the puja house door remained closed until six in the morning, even though the seer was usually up and about by four o’clock in the morning for puja and always left the doors open. Eventually, they reported it to the authorities. Read more: Who Is Sophia Grace? Early Life, Career & Personal Life!

Karnataka seer found dead
Karnataka seer found dead

The police have reported that a case of suicide facilitation has been filed and that an investigation is underway.
A few of pages of his suicide note were discovered, and they allegedly detail his accusations and naming of those who harassed and blackmailed him through character assassination.

But the police have been tight-lipped about the specifics, citing ongoing investigations as the reason for their silence.

Officials have stated that they would be interviewing the aforementioned individuals as well as others who had frequent interactions with the seer in person or by telephone. Read more: Rojean Kar “Yungsweetro” Age: Net Worth & Other Details!

On Monday night, when the necropsy and other required steps had been taken, the seer’s last rites were performed.
The head of Chile Math, Basavalinga Swamy, was also discovered hanging in December of last year. According to reports, he was despondent and angry about his declining health before he passed away.

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