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After the Custody Fight Involving Kathryn Dennis, Thomas Ravenel Called Bravo “Corrupt.”!

Thomas Ravenel blasted Bravo for not handling his custody dispute with “Southern Charm” star Kathryn Dennis properly.

“If I lost all custody of my kids, all the Bravo-controlled media would be talking about what an awful parent I am,” the former congressman, 60, tweeted on Monday, then erased.

Instead, the rich socialite said, “the narrative is that I’ve paid off the system and Family Court is corrupt.” She went on to say, “I think Bravo is crooked.”

For reasons that aren’t obvious, Dennis, 31, had temporary custody of their two children, Kensington (Kensie), 8, and St. Julien (Saint), 6, when they split up in March. (Ravenel also has a 2-year-old kid named Jonathan with his ex-girlfriend Heather Mascot.)

According to the terms of the court order, Dennis was able to spend the weekend with the children under supervision.

Dennis requested in December of 2020 to have the records relating to the switch from shared to primary custody sealed, so the reasons for the switch are unknown.


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After a long and bloody custody battle, which was documented in the first seasons of Bravo’s “Southern Charm,” the couple finally concluded.

They went on a few dates here and there for two years before finally breaking up in 2016.

A portion of his tweet said, “If I lost all custody of my kids, all the Bravo-controlled media would be talking about what an awful father I am.”

Thomas, before their case went to court, claimed that Dennis and her ex-boyfriend Chleb Ravenell used cocaine while on vacation with the kids and even left some “within [their] grasp.”

Kathryn Dennis Custody

Dennis disputed the claims, insisting to the court that she “[does] not take cocaine” and hence “could not have left any out for [the] children to obtain.”

Recent ex-boyfriend Ravenell (no relation to Ravenel; Craig Conover previously claimed that Ravenel’s family once had Ravenell as slaves) claims that custody disputes caused them to break up last November.

A month ago, Ravenell, 34, told E! News that despite his best efforts to “make her happy,” she was still unhappy.

He elaborated, saying, “She was so preoccupied with everything that she didn’t quite understand what I was trying to achieve.” “Her head was swimming with thoughts.”

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