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Katie Holmes Reveals the Story Behind the Surprise Guest Star in Her Latest Film ‘alone Together’!

To sing “Blue Moon” over Alone Together’s opening titles, Katie Holmes didn’t have to seek very far for the ideal performer. On July 29, the romantic comedy will be released on VOD and in cinemas and features the singing debut of Cruise’s 16-year-old daughter, Suri.

When asked how the mother-daughter cooperation came about, Holmes said, “I always want the highest level of talent. “That’s why I went to her! She’s an incredible artist. She promised to do it, so I let her go ahead and record it. What I usually tell people is, “This is what I think we all want; go do your thing.” (Check out our video chat with him above.)

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Moreover, Holmes hints that her daughter’s singing career will not be a one-and-done endeavor. As the director recalls, “she did sing in Rare Objects,” her most recent film, which is a historical drama based on the 2016 bestseller by Kathleen Tessaro, “which is the film we made last fall.” However, don’t hold your breath for an upcoming Suri Cruise arena tour. ‘Apart from that, she’s a high school student,’ Holmes jokes.

Holmes and Cruise have a particular bond thanks to the song “Blue Moon.” Alone Together was inspired in part by the 1987 Diane Keaton comedy Baby Boom, and the director is a self-professed lover of all things Keaton. The Annie Hall actress sang “Blue Moon” in Rob Reiner’s 2014 film, And So It Goes, which is no coincidence. Diane and Cruise’s singing of the famous 1934 song “Alone Together” in Alone Together is a wonderful full-circle moment, Holmes says.

This year marks Holmes’ feature film debut, 25 years after she made her début in Ang Lee’s film The Ice Storm. When she earned the small but memorable role of Tobey Maguire’s high school infatuation in that critically praised 1997 drama, the future Dawson’s Creek actress was barely 19 years old. Reflecting on that picture now, Holmes says she can see how Lee’s influence on her development as a filmmaker can be traced back over a quarter of a century.

When she thinks back to her first work, she remembers it as “excited.” “Ang’s ability to capture worlds is so wonderful, but I think that he’s such a poet in the way that he shoots a scene and the dialogue he chooses and how that conveys the tale in a very simple way. It’s all about finding the simplest way to get your story out.”

In early 2020, at the height of the first wave of the coronavirus epidemic, Holmes and Jim Sturgess star in Alone Together as two New Yorkers who decide to leave the city separately. There’s some initial misunderstanding and apprehension, but they both book an upstate Airbnb and settle in together. Their friendship eventually develops into something more passionate.

Katie Holmes Reveals

For Sturgess, the best thing about Holmes’ directing style is that she lets the actors in front of the camera figure out a scenario for themselves. The 44-year-old actor explains, “She gives you this great space between action and cut.” As a result, “You’d think the scene had ended and she just kind of left it hanging. I love that she was always hunting for those small nuggets of genuineness,” he said.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Sturgess’s debut in a film role, marking a milestone for both the actor and his career. The British actor made his big Hollywood debut fifteen years ago opposite Evan Rachel Wood as the hero of Julie Taymor’s 2007

Musical Across the Universe, which was inspired by the Beatles’ timeless back catalog. Cult aficionados of offbeat movie musicals have embraced the film despite a mixed critical and commercial reception upon its release, because of iconic set-pieces like the “I’ve Just Seen a Face” song-and-dance sequence in a bowling alley

After that scene, Sturgess recalls, he was “quite sore,” he says now. “When you watch the movie today, you realize they were only interested in the falling down bits, and we were trying our best to remain up!” “I have amazing memories of creating the film, and I’m tied by that experience to the rest of the cast. We still keep in touch.”

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Holmes and Sturgess, would they work together again? For the record, “Absolutely,” says Holmes with real joy. That film, of course, would have to feature her daughter playing “Blue Moon” on camera. “I would be honored,” she said. According to Sturgess, “Me and Suri in a movie.” Well, that’s that.

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