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The Challenge: Is Kaycee and Nany Still Together?

Kaycee and Nany Still Together

Nany Gonzalez and Kaycee Clark, who played a couple on The Challenge, are still very much in love with one another and have recently shared their plans for the future. In 2019, Nany and Kaycee met on the set of Total Madness. When season 35 rolled around, Nany was a seasoned veteran of the reality competition, but Kaycee was making her debut. Even so, she was no stranger to the world of reality television, having previously won Big Brother 20. There were suspicions that Nany and Kaycee were hooking up because of how close they got to one another during Total Madness. While Kaycee was dating Tayler Jiminez at the time, she and her fellow Challenge competitors kept their relationship on the straight and narrow.

After their previous success in Spies, Lies, and Allies, Nany and Kaycee decided to team up once more. Kaycee was available this time, and fans got to see her budding relationship with Nany unfold live on screen. Kaycee’s fellow Challenge contestants conspired to surprise Nany with a date, and the latter was moved by the thoughtfulness of the plan. In the first half of the final, Nany and Kaycee were both eliminated, despite their shared goal of making it to the championship together. Both Kaycee and CT Tamburello ended up winning Spies, Lies, and Allies.

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After their time on The Challenge ended, Nany and Kaycee jetted off around the world and were spotted at the MTV Video Music Awards. Nany told Us Weekly that “the next step would be marriage” when asked about her and Kaycee’s intentions for the future. And then, after that, there would be children, and that, of course, would… come with IVF and all that.” In real life, Nany and Kaycee got along just as well as they did on The Challenge. According to Nany, the couple’s solid foundation was laid by their friendship in The Challenge house. This is a chance for us to share in the joys and sorrows of one other’s real lives, with their families and friends. She told Us Weekly, “It’s awesome that we get to do crazy stuff like participate on.

When Nany last November asked her Instagram followers about the IVF process, she piqued the interest of Challenge viewers. Many of their rivals have established their own families. In May of 2022, Kam Wiliams and Leroy Garrett became parents to a son, Kingston Lee Garrett. Nany, who became friends with MTV star Leroy on The Real World: Las Vegas, posted photos from the event. Besides their 9-month-old son Anthony Joseph Nichols, Jenna Compono and Zach Nichols are expecting their second child in December.

When it comes to couples from The Challenge, Nany and Kaycee are quickly becoming fan favourites. Many admitted that she had been terrified to come out as gay until she confided in Kaycee. Nany has always been honest about her bisexuality, but Kaycee is the first girlfriend she has publicly dated. Nany has commended Kaycee for giving her the strength to be herself and The Challenge fans are rooting for the happy couple.

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