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Are Amber Davies and Kem Cetina from Love Island Still Together?

‘Love Island is a reality dating show in the United Kingdom noted for its drama and steamy relationships. Although it began as a celebrity dating program, its overwhelming popularity caused it to make a reappearance with public singletons from throughout the country.

Following that, it grew into a worldwide franchise with many shows. The show’s premise, however, remains the same: persuade the candidates to build a bond with each other, date, couple up, and win the series to win the £50,000 prize money.

Amber and Kem’s Love Island Adventure

Amber Davies and Kem Cetinay made their debut television appearances on ‘Love Island season 3. During the season, the then-20-year-old elegant dancer from North Wales and the 21-year-old Essex hairdresser experienced a very combustible relationship, making them one of the most couples in the entire series.

After meeting near the end of their second week on the island, the two began an on-again, off-again relationship. After going on romantic outings and spending most of their time together, Kem admitted to being drawn to others, which enraged Amber and left her distraught, resulting in the couple’s breakup.

Fortunately, after brief liaisons with Chyna and Georgia, Kem found his way back to Amber, and their relationship bloomed in ways it hadn’t previously. When Amber’s parents and Kem’s mother and brother were on the show, the couple got to meet one other’s families and gain their approval. Amber and Kem were declared the King and Queen of Season 3 of ‘Love Island,’ after an emotional roller coaster journey and vows of love, with Kem winning the prize money, which he elected to split with his fiancée.

Amber And Kem Are Still Together

No, they don’t. Despite discussing marriage and establishing a baby, the pair split up just a few months after leaving the show. They announced their split in December 2017 in a joint statement that said, “With sadness, we’ve chosen to separate.” Our busy schedules made things difficult. We’ll always be terrific pals.”

In an interview with OK! Magazine, the couple discussed their future plans. “We’ll have three weddings,” Kem remarked, “one in Essex, one in Wales, and one in Cyprus.” We’ll do it over the course of a week. And perhaps even in another country!” “We’ll milk it immensely,” Amber acknowledged. They also said that they had previously discussed the number of children they desired and chosen baby names.

Amber admitted that they chose “money before love,” and that the two don’t even talk now that they’ve broken up. However, the actress and singer do not appear to be upset by it. She recently appeared in the Dolly Parton West End musical 9 to 5 and has revealed that she has landed the lead part in another musical, Bring It On. Amber had a brief relationship with James Hawkins in 2018, but it did not work out, and she appears to be single now.

Kem, on the other hand, has maintained his celebrity by starring in a variety of television series. He not only co-presented shows such as ‘Good Morning Britain’ and ‘This Morning,’ but he was also a contestant on ‘Dancing on Ice in 2018, after which he was given the opportunity to become a backstage presenter for the show. In addition, he has been working on the establishment of Array, a restaurant and bar in Essex.

Although the two were unable to discover happiness and true love with each other, they appear to be doing very well for themselves at the moment. So we wish them the best of luck and happiness and hope that they meet their life spouse soon.

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