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Kevin and Karen Clifton Break Up: is Kevin Have Seen Anybody Now?

“Then, simply overnight, it turned into an unpleasant situation.” They attempted counseling, but Karen concluded that there was “too much resentment and emotional baggage” for it to be effective. And then, one day, they both got up, looked at each other, and “just knew” that it was done between them. “In the end, none of us was able to handle it any longer, “She said.

When Exactly Did Kevin Clifton Tie the Knot With Karen?

After the first meeting in New York City for professional reasons, Kevin and Karen Hauer finally sealed the wedding in July 2015.

During the performance of Burn the Floor that they were in together as a traveling play, he proposed to her on stage on her birthday.

Following the couple’s marriage, Karen decided to adopt her new husband’s surname, and she is now referred to in the professional world as Karen Clifton.

During a charity round of ITV’s All-Star Mr. and Mrs., the pair shared everything there is to know about their love.

He was previously married to Clare Craze. However, the couple divorced in 2013 after only being married for three years.

Is There a Deeper Meaning Behind Kevin Clifton’s Divorce From Their Wife, Karen?

In March 2018, Kevin and Karen Clifton publicly announced that they were going their way.

Their communication reportedly “grew strained” during the 2017 series of Strictly owing to their rigorous work schedules and long-distance travels. This occurred during the competition.

In December 2017, The Sun broke the story in an exclusive interview that Karen had been seeing an accountant during the difficult time in her marriage.

Then, in February of 2018, The Sun broke the news in an exclusive report that the pair were planning to end their marriage two months after Karen’s infidelity shattered the foundation of their marriage.

Even though they are no longer married, the couple maintains a strong friendship and has expressed hope that it will continue after their divorce.

Kevin and Karen Clifton break up
Kevin and Karen Clifton break up

Karen stated the following in an interview she gave to Hello! Back in March of 2018: “As entertainers with our audience and as a couple with our family, we have given so much, so regardless of what has occurred, we can continue.”

Everything doesn’t need to go to pieces.

How Long Has Kevin Clifton Been Seeing Stacey Dooley?

After the news of his romance with the documentary filmmaker and television host Stacey Dooley, was made public in April 2019, the couple is still together.

It was discovered that Stacey had started seeing Kevin, who had previously been her dancing partner, not long after she broke up with Sam Tucknott, the boyfriend she had been with for the previous five years.

In August 2019, Karen spoke out publicly about her estranged husband’s relationship with the director for the first time.

In an interview with FUBAR Radio, she stated, about her ex-new partner’s partner, “I honestly don’t know anything about it.

“When we go in [to rehearsals], we lose our minds with all of the routines. But if you know what I’m talking about, he seems to be having a great time, which makes me happy.”

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