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Kim Pegula Net Worth: How Much She Earned From Her Career?

Today we talk about Kim Pegula Net Worth. Kim Pegula is a prominent figure in the American business and sports industries. Pegula Sports and Entertainment is a sports and entertainment firm she runs, and the corporation owns several professional sports teams and properties.

She serves as the president and chief executive officer of the company. She and her husband, Terry Pegula, are joint owners of the National Football League’s Buffalo Bills, the National Hockey League’s Buffalo Sabres, and the National Lacrosse League’s Buffalo Bandits.

Before entering the sports sector, her previous line of work was in real estate development. Kim Pegula is well-known for her charitable work and the attention she shows to the community in which she lives.

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Kim Pegula Net Worth

As a businesswoman, he has undoubtedly acquired a sizable wealth. Kim Pegula’s net worth is estimated to be $100 million US dollars. The Pegulas have also generously given their alma maters, including $12 million, to Houghton College to fund a new athletics complex and elevate the school to NCAA Division III.

Kim Pegula Net Worth
Kim Pegula Net Worth

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 Pegula, a sweets lover, collaborated on creating luxury ice cream and cupcakes under the “One Buffalo” brand. With Kim Pegula as president and CEO, Pegula Sports and Entertainment has come a long way.

Kim Pegula Carrer

Kim Pegula is a co-owner of Pegula Sports and Entertainment, a sports and entertainment corporation that owns the Buffalo Bills (NFL) and the Buffalo Sabres (NHL). She also has a degree in interior design and is involved in several charity activities. Kim is the Buffalo Sabers President and CEO in addition to her work at Pegula Sports and Entertainment.

Kim Pegula Early Life

The city of Seoul, South Korea, is where Pegula was born. She only knows her date of birth, that she was five years old when she was found abandoned on the streets of Seoul, and that one of her parents was probably Japanese. Still, she does not know her birth name, no documentation of her original parents, and no narrative of her life in South Korea.

On December 30, 1974, she was adopted by Ralph and Marilyn Kerr after being brought to the United States. Her adoptive family raised her in Fairport, New York, a suburb of Rochester. Pegula was a member of the school band and the cheering team and played the bassoon.

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She followed in her brothers’ footsteps by attending Houghton College, and she and her roommate soon made preparations to travel to Alaska for employment in a fishing camp. Rather than pay the fee, she looked for work in Belfast, New York, and while interviewing for a waitressing position, she happened to meet Terry Pegula, who was there for dinner. Terry hired her at his natural gas company in 1991, and the two began dating soon after. They wed the following year.

Kim Pegula Personal Life

Terry and Kim Pegula are the parents of three children: Kelly, Matthew, and Jessica, a professional tennis player. Kim has two stepchildren from Terry’s previous marriage, Michael and Laura. The Pegulas live in Boca Raton, Florida, and East Aurora, New York.

Pegula was hospitalized in an intensive care unit in Boca Raton in June 2022 for reasons the family did not disclose. Jessica Pegula later reported that her mother’s condition had improved by the time Jessica competed in the 2022 Wimbledon Championships and that she was recovering.

 Jessica Pegula revealed in a Players’ Tribune article on February 7, 2023, that Kim Pegula’s hospitalization was due to a cardiac arrest, which progressed into a “brain injury” resulting in “significant expressive aphasia and significant memory issues” due to the prolonged lack of oxygen to her brain. Jessica Pegula praised her sister, Kelly, for saving their mother’s life because she had recently completed a CPR course.

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