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A Kratom Supplement Caused Their Son’s Death, and Now the Parents Are Suing

The parents of a Georgia man who was 23 years old when he passed away as a result of his use of kratom have filed a wrongful death case against over a dozen individuals. Ethan Pope, 23, was discovered dead in his apartment in December with his pet by his side. His parents had never heard of kratom.

What Happened, and How a Kratom Supplement Played a Role in Their Son’s Death

Dana and John Pope had never heard of kratom until their 23-year-old son Ethan’s death in December.

Kratom is a pain reliever, anxiolytic, and addiction treatment extracted from a Southeast Asian tree. Georgia gas stations and smoke shops sell it.

According to an autopsy, Ethan Pope died of mitragynine poisoning. Mitragynine, a kratom psychoactive, is FDA-approved.

Dana and John Pope sued individuals and businesses engaged in kratom manufacture, distribution, and sale, alleging wrongful death.

Dana Pope said Thursday that she and her husband don’t know how long their kid used kratom, but he must have felt its effects. “Stop using kratom” was on a list found at his apartment.

According to a video, employees at many Alabama gas stations distribute illegal narcotics utilizing kratom.
This week, an amended May complaint was filed. The plaintiffs’ counsel filed an action to show that kratom is unsafe for human ingestion.

The kratom industry claims their product is safe and healthy “Wetherington said. Even yet, the kratom sold in the US is incredibly potent and more like heroin or opioids than the kratom utilized in Southeast Asia.

kratom supporters say it’s a safe, natural supplement that helps ease pain management and drug withdrawal. Read also: Jenna Johnson and Val Chmerkovskiy, a Timeline of Their Romance

Ethan Pope bought O.P.M.S. Liquid Kratom before his death. The lawsuit describes liquid kratom injections as particularly dangerous because they “intend to offer consumers greater dosages of mitragynine, considerably increasing the risk of overdose and death.”

The lawsuit alleges kratom makers import the material unlawfully by classifying it as an agricultural product when it’s not, then manufacture, market, and sell concentrated kratom.

Small amounts of kratom might boost energy, but excessive quantities can produce tiredness. The DEA warns that it can cause addiction, hallucinations, delusions, and confusion.

Kratom Supplement Caused Their Son's Death
Kratom Supplement Caused Their Son’s Death

The FDA hasn’t approved kratom for anything yet, and they still warn against using it.” In 2014, it allowed the seizure of kratom as an unlicensed pharmaceutical.

91 individuals died of kratom overdoses in the U.S. in 2019. 27 states were represented. Seven deaths were completely linked to kratom, while the rest involved heroin, fentanyl, or other drugs.

According to the complaint, the defendants breached their “duty to avoid foreseeable product damage.” This includes providing the correct information about kratom’s potential hazards and unpleasant responses and ensuring high-quality batches. Read more: Katrina Kaif Says That Husband Vicky His Love of Music and Dance Makes Up for His Stubbornness

Ethan Pope utilized the kratom products as intended, but the defendants “did not convey the cautions and recommendations a typical customer would expect,” making them more harmful.

Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions (O.P.M.S.) is suspected of creating Ethan Pope’s kratom. Thursday’s comment request was unanswered.

The lawsuit says the American Kratom Association promotes “false, misleading, and grossly incomplete medical claims” concerning kratom. Drew Ashby, a Pope’s lawyer, argues the corporation pushed laws in several states under the pretense of safeguarding customers, which helps market an unpredictable and deadly medicine.

Ashby bemoaned that Georgia is one of the few states that allows this to be marketed lawfully in 2019, citing a provision that prohibited the sale of kratom to people over 18 and mandated labeling rules that the complaint contends are not being met.

Attorney Daniel Delnero refutes the claims. Read also: A Man from Bennington Has Been Charged with Murder

The American Kratom Association promotes Kratom safety. “It was wrongfully included in this litigation, and we will defend it against fraudulent claims,” he wrote.

The action seeks damages and a jury trial.


The parents of a 23-year-old Georgia man who died after consuming kratom have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against 12 people, companies, and organizations. kratom, a Southeast Asian tree, is used to manufacture capsules, powders, and liquids for pain, anxiety, and drug dependence.

Autopsy: Ethan Pope died of mitragynine poisoning. FDA claims kratom’s psychotropic component is mitragynine. An enhanced version of the case was filed this week.

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