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Kristen Stewart Set to Reunite With Ex Michael Angarano Onscreen

The ultimate on-set reunion for Kristen Stewart is about to happen. According to a report from Deadline on April 12, the “Diana” actor will co-star in the upcoming comedy “Sacramento” with her former “Speak” co-star and ex-boyfriend Michael Angarano.

The story of “Sacramento” centers on a young man named Ricky (Angarano), who is an independent thinker, and Glenn, who is now married to Rosie (Stewart), a domesticated woman. The band’s past resurfaces while on an unplanned road trip from Los Angeles to Sacramento, which causes them to doubt everything.


Angarano will direct the movie in addition to co-writing the narrative. Glenn will be portrayed by Michael Cera, while Tallie, Ricky’s on-screen wife, will be played by Maya Erskine, Angarano’s real-life lover.

That implies that he will be playing alongside his current fiancée and directing his ex-girlfriend (he and Stewart dated from roughly 2005 to 2009). However, given Angarano’s positive remarks about her casting in the midst of “Sacramento’s” approval, we doubt there will be any discomfort.

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After all, Stewart happily moved on with her fiancé, Dylan Meyer, just like Angarano did.  “We’re grateful and very excited to make a movie like ‘Sacramento,'” Angarano said of the picture to Deadline. In the aftermath of one of our pilots not getting cast, Chris Smith and I started scripting this movie years ago.

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We are honored to work with this cast and crew, who are all incredibly skilled. We’ve already had a long trip, but we’re now prepared to produce a film. Fans will undoubtedly watch “Sacramento” to see Angarano and Stewart interact once more on screen, despite the lack of information about the film.



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