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Kritika Khurana Divorce: Is It True or Not?

Everyone wants to avoid discussing divorce, especially if they are in the public glare. Kritika Khurana, a social media star, recently announced her divorce from her husband after six months of marriage. Charu Asopa has been in the spotlight for her decision to separate and give another opportunity, and she is apparently considering doing so again.

Are women fearful of being judged as a result of unsuccessful marriages, making it more difficult for them to make a decision? Divorce is taught from a young age in Indian households that no matter how unhappy you are, it is the worst thing that can happen to a family.

Divorced women are shunned and judged harshly. So, if one finds themselves in an unhappy marriage, their coping strategy is to save the marriage in some way. Women, in particular, are expected to try, compromise, and sacrifice their joys, dreams, and even themselves in order to keep the marriage.

Many people’s lives are ruined as a result of the divorce situation, as they continue to live a lie and sometimes face unspeakable anguish without any assistance from their family or relatives. Kritika Khurana has announced her divorce.
When social media influencer Kritika Khurana, a.k.a. ,’ revealed her life update, she expressed how difficult it was for her to make this decision. Khurana married her lover Aditya Chhabra, whom she had been dating since 2020, in April 2022. Khurana has 1.7 million Instagram followers and has been sharing facts about her life and family with them for the last 8 years.

Being in the public spotlight presents its own set of obstacles, the most significant of which is privacy. In the tweet in which Khurana announced her divorce, she said, “I know a lot of you already know, but I wanted you to hear from me since you have been a part of my journey for 8 years now,” implying that she was aware of the rumors surrounding her marriage.

She went on to tell how she realized it wasn’t working after a few months and how she was worried about what the rest of the world would think of her. “For the first couple of months, I opted to ignore and sacrifice my happiness because I was constantly concerned about what the world would say,” she wrote.

This fear of what others would think applies not only to superstars but also to average women because people do not treat divorced women well. They are made to feel used and are frequently informed that they are weak and unworthy of affection.

Kritika Khurana Divorce

Most of the time, even women’s parents doubt their role in the marriage and declare that they can’t return to live with them since it would harm their reputation. “I even felt like a failure,” Khurana added, “but 4 months ago, I determined that I had to pick my sanity in the end since I have my entire life ahead of me.”

Fortunately, Khurana had the backing of her family and the courage to take such a risk so early in her marriage. Many women are afraid of being misunderstood because they desire too much or lack patience. Charu Asopa may soon leave her marriage.

Charu Asopa and her spouse Rajeev Sen married in 2019 and welcomed their daughter in November 2021. However, according to sources, their marriage has been strained in recent months. The pair exchanged heated words with the media, implying that they were divorcing, but soon after they publicly stated that they were giving their marriage another opportunity.

“Divorce was an option we were exploring, and we will not deny that,” they stated. We are delighted to inform you that we have decided to keep our marriage for good.” According to recent rumors, Asopa has chosen to leave her marriage this time.

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