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Did Krystal Ball Divorce With Husband Jonathan Dariyanani? Confusion Explained!

Eventually, a picture of Krystal Ball and Kyle Kulinski went viral on the internet because of how famous they are in the United States as a political moderator and observer. A picture of the now-40-year-old woman became viral on Twitter a few years ago, catapulting her into the public eye.

Krystal Bell and her pals have reposted a cute photo that was first shared by the other person in it, Kyle Kulinski. A lot of their fans are surprised to see them together after they’ve been friends for so long.

Krystal Ball and Jonathan Darayanani: Divorced? Questions About Commitment and Family Life Are Examined It seems that Krystal Ball is no longer in contact with Jonathan Narayanan.

Even though the TV host hasn’t come out and confirmed the split, her recent Twitter selfie with Kyle Kulinski seems to imply otherwise. Furthermore, the fact that the 40-year-old reposted the photo and referenced love emoticons only serve to solidify the conclusion.

In 2008, the couple behind “The Breaking Point” tied the knot with Joe Narayanan. The ball is presently dating her co-moderator, Kyle, so it appears that they have not yet finalized their separation.

Krystal is a mom to three kids.


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Twitter Scandal Involving Kyle Kulinski and a Crystal Ball Photograph Krystal Ball tweeted some advice to her colleague Kyle Kulinski.

Later, the 40-year-old confirmed that she is dating a specific Youtuber. As co-hosts of the show Krystal Ball and Friends, they work together.

In the snapshot, Krystal can be seen embracing Kyle. Many people have expressed shock at the tweet without knowing anything about her divorce. At any rate, the political observer didn’t seem to make any effort to conceal the connection.

Krystal Ball Divorce

Krystal Ball’s Origin Mystery: Who Are Her Parents? Krystal Ball was born in King George County, Virginia.

The TV star’s mother, Rose Marie Ball, was a teacher, and her physicist father, Edward Ball. She has two older sisters, Heidi and Holly, and is the youngest of the three.

To Learn More About Krystal Ball, Here’s What Wikipedia Has to Offer The Krystal Ball entry on Wikipedia is praised for its eloquent writing.

She has experience in both the public and private sectors, having worked in government before turning to commentate. In 2010, she sought the position of representative for Virginia’s First Congressional District. After some time, intimate images of her were made public, which ultimately cost her the election.

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