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Kurt Busch Net Worth: Early Life, Career, Personal Life, Real Estate!

Kurt Busch Net Worth

Kurt Busch is a well-to-do American race car racer with a fortune in the six figures. He was able to amass his fortune through his involvement in motorsports and sponsorship deals. He and his wife star in “Racing Wives,” a CMT reality show. More than $90 million of Kurt’s racing winnings have come from prize money alone over his career. He has made a substantial sum of money from endorsements.

Net Worth: $60 Million
Date of Birth: Aug 4, 1978 (43 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 10 in (1.8 m)
Profession: Race car driver
Nationality: United States of America

Thomas Kurt Kurt Busch was born in Las Vegas on August 4, 1978. Father: Salesman; Mother: Public School Teacher. In the early 1980s, he started coming to the racetrack with his father and participating in go-kart racing. he competed for the first time at the age of fourteen. At the Pahrump Valley Speedway, he competed in a little race car. Because his father was so supportive of his racing ambitions, he gave him the go-ahead to race, provided he kept up his grades.

The Las Vegas Speedway Park was where he won his second modified stock car racing competition as a teenager. Throughout the southwest, he and his father competed in races. Kyle Bush, a two-time NASCAR Cup Series champion, has an elder brother named Kurt Bush. After graduating from Durango High School, he enrolled at the University of Arizona to pursue a career as a pharmacist. He only stayed a little over a year before deciding to pursue his racing career full-time.

Early Career

When professional racecar driver Chris Trickle was injured in an unsolved drive-by shooting, the Star Nursery team to which he belonged began looking for a replacement. With victories in the 1995 Nevada Dwarf Car Championship and 1996 Legend Cars Western States Championship, Busch became a household name in the late 1990s. In addition, he competed in and won the NASCAR Featherlite Southwest Series as a member of the Star Nursery team. In 1998, he won the Auto Zone Elite Division Southwest Series Rookie of the Year award during his rookie season. With the Star Nursery team, he took home the Southwest Tour Championship title in 1999.

Roush Racing hired him after that year, allowing him to race at a higher level. While racing in the Craftsman Truck Series in 2000, he was one of the youngest drivers in NASCAR’s most prestigious division. That year, he clinched four victories and finished in second place in the series points race. A pole position and a race win at the same time were the first achievements by a rookie driver in the series. A pole position is a superior starting position in the competitive race after winning a qualifying race. As a result of his accomplishments, Roush was promoted to the Winston Cup Series, where he will take Chad Little’s place in 2019. In the seven Winston Cup races that Busch raced in, he did not win a single one them.

Roush Racing opted to deploy him full-time in the Winston Cup Series in 2001, despite his lack of wins. In 2013, he finished in the top five in three of his races, earning over $200,000 in prize money for his efforts. In the 2001 Daytona 500, Busch faced off against Dale Earnhardt, who went 185 mph while flashing him the middle finger. It was their final race together before Earnhardt’s tragic death the following year.

After its deal with R.J. Reynolds Tobacco expired, the NASCAR Cup Series, formerly known as the Winston Cup Series, changed its name to reflect this. During the season, he finished in the top ten in twenty-four of the twenty events he entered. Over $5 million was earned by him during the year, placing him third in points. The next year, his results were less steady, and despite his four victories, he finished the season in 11th position in the points standings. He wouldn’t place higher than tenth in the standings again until the 2005 season. In addition to leaving Roush Racing in 2005, he signed on with Penske Racing in 2006, a move that took place the following year.

Penske Racing and Career Controversies

Busch continued to win big races and finish strongly, but his overall points placement was uneven. He finished sixth in 2007 and fourth in 2009, respectively. Despite his lowly position, he has consistently earned more than $4 million every year. An average of $5.87 million per year has been earned by him since 2007. Despite his accomplishments, there has been some controversy surrounding his career. His sobriety test results were withheld from public view in 2005 because they were claimed to have malfunctioned by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department. He was suspended for the final two races of the season by Roush Racing.

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In 2007, he and his brother Kyle were competing in a race, and their cars collided, resulting in both of them crashing. This resulted in a rift between the two, with them no longer communicating. Their grandmother’s urging resulted in the boys’ reconciliation later that year. In the 2011 Richmond Races, he was involved in a collision with Jimmie Johnson, and Johnson responded by winning the following race. When a reporter inquired about the rivalry, Busch became enraged and had to be held. Until December 2012, NASCAR placed him on probation. He was suspended from NASCAR in 2015 after his ex-girlfriend accused him of domestic violence. His ban was lifted once he completed the reinstatement programme many months later, and no charges were brought against him.

Personal Life

He has been involved in numerous feuds and conflicts with other drivers, and in 2006, he was ranked the third most despised athlete behind Barry Bonds and Tyrell Owen. In 2006, he had his ears pinned closer to his skull in a cosmetic surgery procedure.

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Since 2017, he has been married to Ashley Van Metre. They began appearing on the CMT reality series “Racing Wives” in 2019.

He was married to Eva Bryan for five years, from 2006 to 2011. Eva Bryan died in 2011.

Real Estate

Kurt paid $3.29 million in 2013 for a Mooresville, North Carolina lakefront estate with 9,500 square feet of living space. “Chateau de Busch” was put up for sale in 2018 for $3.6 million. A few months after his initial offer, he accepted a check for $3.3 million. His old house is included in this video tour.

Undeveloped land next door to the aforementioned mansion was listed by him in 2019 for $7.6 million. In February 2020, he took the ad down and appears to still be the owner as of this writing, despite having tried to sell the parcels independently.

He paid $2.8 million for a penthouse condo in Virginia Beach in 2009. He finally got rid of it in 2019, but he lost a lot of money doing it. As far as we know, it sold for a mere $920,000.

Undeveloped beachfront land in Virginia Beach, Virginia, still belongs to Kurt. In 2016 and 2017, he offered $1.5 million for the property. He still owns the business.

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