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Kyle Abrams Reveals the One Divorce From “Love is Blind” That He “Didn’t Expect” but Actually Got

The divorces from Love Is Blind Season 2 shook the cast as a whole. Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones’ separation was first reported last month, and later Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson separated. Both the couples had been married for less than a year, and only a few months before, their Netflix love stories had been brought to life.

The three-part Love Is Blind premieres on Friday. In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE following the Altar special, co-star Kyle Abrams says: “One of them, I could see was a difficult road, but the other one I didn’t see coming.” I found Jarrette and Iyanna to be quite powerful. Really, I didn’t anticipate that. I didn’t anticipate it happening so rapidly, “confesses Kyle, 30. “What the connection was like is unknown to me. They appeared to get along well.”

Iyanna McNeely Discusses the Effect of the Show on Divorce with Jarrette Jones. On the other side, Kyle claims that he was aware of Nick and Danielle’s ups and downs. He refers to Nick, 36, and Danielle, 29, as “that I’m familiar with.” “All of that is based solely on what people told me. Really, I didn’t notice it.”

Kyle Abrams

The cast’s general cohesiveness has been harmed by the two divorces, according to Kyle, who also tells PEOPLE that “the males and the girls have just split down the middle.” He says, “I suppose everyone had to choose a side after the divorce. “I say, “Well, I have nothing against the guys,” as I watch the girls go. I spend time with a couple who weren’t on the program. I still converse with them. But I do believe it has reduced. More so than the girls, I believe, between the guys.”

On the Love Is Blind: Following the Altar special, viewers will soon get an insight into what happened after the February finale. Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee, a contentious cast member, won’t be appearing with the group again. Kyle asserts that Shake, who sparked controversy for his treatment of ex-fiancée Deepti Vempati, has not maintained contact with the cast. But he continues, “many swear they see him about.”

I couldn’t care less, Kyle says. “He then says, “Oh, I didn’t want to be on After the Altar.” I respond, “Not true. They pleaded with us to perform a scene with you, but we all declined.” Never miss a story again by subscribing to PEOPLE’s free daily newsletter and getting the best of the magazine’s content, including juicy celebrity news and gripping human interest stories.

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