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Laura Coates Husband, Who is He, Everything You Want to Know

Laura Coates Husband: The attorney and CNN legal expert Laura Coates. The Urban View anchor, who is 41 years old, is also a writer. Both “You Have the Right: A Constitution Guide to Policing the Police” (2016) and “Just Pursuit: A Black Prosecutor’s Fight for Fairness” (2018) are books written by Laura.

Laura Coates is not only a TV personality, but she also teaches law as a part-time professor at Washington College of Law. The 41-year-old legal analyst graduated with a BA from Princeton University’s School of Public and International Affairs and a JD from the University of Minnesota.

We wouldn’t say she prefers to remain in the background since, in the end, the public always finds out the truth about their favorite star’s private life, no matter how hard they try to hide it. Like many other celebrities, Laura Coates uses social media to communicate with her audience. But her hubby is never mentioned by her! Read also: Dwayne Johnson Reveals He Was Arrested for Fighting, Theft, And ‘Stupid Stuff’ Ahead of Sitcom

In what way did Laura Coates’s marriage to her husband end?

According to reports, Laura Coates and her spouse, Dale Gordon, were married at one point. In July 2014, they went through with the wedding. On the other hand, it would appear that the exes are no longer together. It appears that Laura Coates has deleted all of the images of her spouse from her Instagram account, which leads one to believe that the couple is no longer married. Read also: Cai Bella Bridges Age, Height, Net Worth, Ethnicity

Despite the fact that certain publications in the media continue to assert that Laura is still married to Dale Gordon after her tweet in 2020. It said in the tweet,

laura coates husband
laura coates husband

“My husband just asked me who ‘Sussudio’ is…? Apparently, he missed all of the ’80s soooo… I’ll obviously need to put together a presentation to explain it all. Any suggestions on what else to include? ?”

Laura Coates’ Children

Dale Gordon was Laura Coates’ ex-husband, and the two of them are parents to two children together. A mother of two children, a boy, and a daughter serve as a senior legal expert for CNN. It has been reported that her daughter’s name is Sydney, but the identity of her son is being kept a secret for the time being.

According to what we observed, the legal expert for CNN is a doting mother. When her daughter Sydney voiced her dissatisfaction with the hue of her skin, it caused her mom to lose it and break down in tears. In 2018, Laura appeared on the talk show Urban View on SiriusXM and discussed the problem with her daughter. During the course of the program, the person who is 41 years old commented,

“It was so devastating to hear my daughter tell me this morning that she just didn’t like the way she looked. It broke my heart.” Laura added, “If anyone has anysuggestion for me about what I can do to make my daughter feel what I know she is — because dropping her off at school this morning almost killed me.”

It indicates she is a terrific mother and constantly does her hardest to be the best for her children, and would go to any level to help them feel better about themselves.

Who is Laura Coates’ Alleged Ex-Husband, Dale Gordon?

Some feel the identity is a total fake, that Laura Coates’ was never married to a guy called Dale Gordon. His identity has been the biggest mystery so far since CNN’s top legal expert has never revealed her husband’s name. All we can tell for now is that even though Laura Coates was married to Dale Gordon, she is unmarried as of 2022. Read also: Lauren Chandiram, to Whom, Did She Later Get Married?

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