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Linturi-Kitana Divorce: Here Are All the ‘puzzling’ Claims Made in Court

On Wednesday, August 28, the Milimani Law Courts heard the divorce case between Mithika Linturi and Marianne Kitana, and it had all the makings of a juicy, high-octane, and intriguing rumor. When some people on social media saw that Ms. Kitany had said she found porn films and nude images of other women on Mr. Linturi’s phone, they suggested she was sharing “too much information about her private life” by going public with the story on our website.

After only eight months of marriage, Bien admits he wanted out from under Chiki’s thumb. The wife of Governor Joho has requested a divorce. In March of 2018, Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula announced his intention to sever ties with NASA, and the ensuing fallout has been compared to the “noisy and ugly” divorce proceedings that have been unfolding since then.

Sen. Mithika Linturi of Meru was accused of infidelity by his wife, Marianne Kitana, who responded by petitioning the court for a divorce. A woman “gave him a pornographic film and naked images,” Ms. Kitany claimed she discovered when she looked through her husband’s phone. The complainant, Ms. Kitany, claims that this revelation, along with the denial of her conjugal rights, led her to file for legal separation from the former MP for Igembe South.

Ms. Kitany informed the court, “I filed for divorce because Linturi was cheating on me; he slept with other women in town.” Linturi “would come home late and not want to grant me my conjugal rights,” Ms. Kitany added. The sudden, unexplained demise Ms. Kitany claimed that their housekeeper in Meru was aware of Mr. Linturi’s extramarital affairs because “he would bring other ladies to our married home.”

“The housekeeper requested a meeting, saying she had important information concerning my husband’s infidelity. Ms. Kitany stated in court, “Unfortunately, the house-help died strangely before I could meet her.” Before her death, Ms. Kitany stated, “she had told me — on the phone — how Linturi was entertaining different women in our house.” She asked to speak more privately with the media about the matter.

A dispute over ownership of a piece of property. In addition, the complaint claimed that Mr. Linturi discovered her after she had amassed sufficient wealth. Ms. Kitany claims that the former Igembe South lawmaker is trying to take over her multimillion-shilling business empire through force.

Ms. Kitany testified in court that Mr. Linturi had cheated her out of her fair share of property by having his name inscribed on the relevant paperwork. Ms. Kitany also claimed that Mr. Linturi accused her of trying to steal his business. Ms. Kitany added, “Linturi told me he was going to kill me, and he even told the police I was planning to take his stuff.”

Linturi-Kitana Divorce

Threats of violence and attempted murder. According to Ms. Kitany’s testimony, the senator “attempted to kill her” after their dispute over property grew out of hand. In court, Ms. Kitany claimed that the senator had dispatched a lady to befriend her, with the intention of poisoning the plaintiff once she had developed sufficient trust in the woman. The complainant said that the female conspirator later confessed to her about the murder plot.

Ms. Kitany also stated that Mr. Linturi threatened her life after the attempted murder plot failed. “Your honor, my spouse sent me threat texts, and I felt I needed to seek protection from the courts,” she stated. Ms. Kitany stated that the threats originated from a long-running property dispute that reached a climax in December of 2018. Ms. Kitany claimed that Mr. Linturi sought to evict her from their Runda house on December 19, 2018.

Later, the court would rule that Mr. Linturi could not force his wife out of the house during the divorce proceedings. According to Ms. Kitany’s testimony in court, Mr. Linturi hired thugs who showed up at their Runda house in a 52-seater bus and demanded that she and her three children leave immediately.

It happened on the evening of December 19, 2018, and the thugs slapped my son. As a result, I instructed my kids to stay with my family in Nairobi. I discovered the next day that the thugs who broke into my Runda home had brought at least nine pangas and nine machetes with them. After that, “a lady came to my house and said she had been hired to poison me,” Ms. Kitany added.

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