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Lisa Rober, Who is She? Relationships, Occupations, and Other Non-professional Details

Mark Rober’s wife Lisa Rober is an American businesswoman. The YouTube star posts numerous videos every week to her channel. Lisa Rober has almost 150,000 YouTube followers.

Is Lisa Rober a Caucasian American

On June 24, 1980, Lisa Rober’s birth name was revealed to be Lisa Nicole Earl. While her specific location of birth is a mystery, it is known that she is an American citizen. However, she is of Caucasian descent. Lisa Rober’s family history, including her parents and siblings’ names and identities, remains unknown. However, considering the type of school she attended, we may infer that she comes from a deeply devout family.

Education of Lisa Rober

It’s unclear what Lisa Rober does for a job these days, although she did complete college. Lisa graduated from high school for the first time in 1998. After that, she decided to get her degree and enrolled at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Religious leader Brigham Young established the private research institution now known as Brigham Young University in 1875.

The majority of the students and faculty are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which funds and organizes the school. It is unclear what specific bachelor of arts program Lisa Rober participated in at Brigham Young University. She stayed for four years and eventually earned her degree in 2002.

The Husband of Lisa Rober

Mark Rober, a YouTuber and former Apple and NASA engineer, is Lisa Rober’s husband. Mark Rober studied engineering at BYU and USC. He joined NASA in 2004 and worked on MARS for nine years. In 2015, he joined Apple to work on VR self-driving vehicles.

Mark Rober’s first YouTube video was a hit in 2011 while he was still at NASA. The video showed a Halloween outfit made with two iPads that made the wearer appear see-through. Tens of millions viewed it. Mark Rober has since posted science and engineering YouTube videos.

lisa rober
lisa rober

His glitter bomb film, which monitors parcel thieves, is a popular offering. The video has 86 a million views. Mark Rober’s YouTube channel has 22.4 million members and approximately 3 billion views.

He’s designed and marketed several things, such as engineering-teaching boxes and Halloween costumes online. Jimmy Kimmel and Mark Rober have worked. Read also: Tiffany Jenkins Divorce, What is the Cause for the Separation?

The first meeting of Lisa Rober and Mark Rober

In the early 2000s, Mark and Lisa Rober met each other as students at Brigham Young University. They started dating after discovering they had a mutual attraction. Even after graduation, they continued to see one other and eventually tied the knot in the middle of the 2000s. Read more: Griffin Arthur Fraser, Where Are His Three Children From His Previous Marriage?

They walked down the aisle for the first time during their wedding. Since there is no evidence that Lisa Rober has been married and divorced before, it follows that Mark Rober is her first spouse. It’s also quite unlikely that she married anybody other than Mark Rober, considering that they’ve been dating since they were students together in college.

Their son, who is autistic, was born to them

Lisa and Mark Rober are married and have one kid, born in 2007. The couple has never revealed their son’s name. Mark Rober gave the idea he had no kid for years till 2019.

Lisa and her husband preserve their autistic son’s privacy. They adore their son, so don’t worry. They love them and wouldn’t change him. They opt to hide him since the internet might be difficult for certain people.

Lisa Rober and her husband have just permitted their son to appear in public. Mark Rober’s kid produced a YouTube video in 2019. He taught people about autism. He also said their boy was gentle, joyous, and full of laughter, explaining why he safeguarded his privacy. Read also: Sandra Janowski, With Whom She Tied the Knot, is There Any Rumour About Divorce

Mark and Lisa Rober have also raised money for autism. Mark Rober and Jimmy Kimmel Livestreamed in April 2021. Autism research received $3 million.


Lisa Rober is an American media figure and the wife of Mark Rober, a renowned YouTuber who once worked as an engineer for Apple and NASA. Lisa Rober was born on June 24, 1980, and she is currently 42 years old. Their romance began in the very early years of the new millennium, while Lisa and Mark were still in college together. They eventually went on to get married, and they had a kid, all before Mark became a YouTube sensation in the year 2011.

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