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First Overseas Tour as Pm, Liz Truss Resets’special Relationship’

After threatening to rip up the Northern Ireland protocol, the new prime minister will have to win over Joe Biden. Fortunately, the two will be able to find common ground on the issue of Ukraine.

On her first journey abroad as prime minister, Liz Truss landed in the United States to meet with Vice President Joe Biden.

Her vows as foreign secretary to dismantle post-Brexit trade agreements in Northern Ireland have further soured relations between the two leaders.

Vice President Biden has been hesitant to sign a free trade agreement with the United Kingdom out of fear about maintaining peace in the province in the wake of the Brexit dispute.

Despite this, the two are expected to agree on taking a firm stance against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine and on taking a harsh stance against China.
Truss will use her trip to New York for the United Nations General Assembly to reaffirm Britain’s commitment to Ukraine and its people by promising at least $3.3 billion in military help in 2019.

Ukraine’s armed forces have recently made significant advances, retaking land in the east of the nation from Russia.

The multiple launch rocket system, supplied by the United Kingdom, has recently allowed Ukraine to retake almost 3,050 square kilometers (1,200 square miles). Additional weaponry is scheduled to be sent by the country’s ally in the United Kingdom.

In 2022, it has pledged £2.3bn. It will provide hundreds of missiles, five air defense systems, and training for Ukrainian forces, making it the second largest military donor to Ukraine behind the United States.

Speaking about Ukraine before his trip, Truss said, “Ukraine’s accomplishments in recent weeks have been encouraging. These courageous individuals have repeatedly proven the sceptics wrong when they have been provided with the necessary resources (both monetary and otherwise) and political backing.

I want the people of Ukraine to know that the United Kingdom will always be there for them. Protection of you and yours is our top priority.

She will also advise her peers that they must cease Putin’s economic blackmail by cutting off all ties to Russia regarding energy production. This month, Russia again cut down the Nord Stream pipeline, causing supply constraints and subsequent price increases in the energy market.

Truss warned that millions of Europeans would face a harsher winter because Putin had shut down the gas flow from the Nord Stream pipeline.

Dependence on Russian energy is manipulating too many lives in Ukraine, Europe, and beyond. We must join forces to put an end to this.

Liz Truss resets'special relationship
Liz Truss resets special relationship

The prime minister hopes to use the diplomatic trip to rally support for measures worldwide to reduce the world’s reliance on Russia’s energy exports.

Her most critical bilateral meetings with Biden, which will define the next two years of the “special partnership,” have been rescheduled for Wednesday at the United Nations rather than at Downing Street, where they had been initially set.

Although there are current difficulties between the two leaders due to Brexit inherited from Boris Johnson’s government, there are hints that discussions between the UK and the EU may begin over the lengthy issue. Thus both sides may be hoping for an improvement in their relationship.
When their scheduled meeting to discuss the Queen’s funeral fell through, Labour claimed that Truss had been “snubbed” by Vice President Joe Biden.

She should “bring the UK back in from the cold and begin restoring our country’s diplomatic power,” according to David Lammy, the shadow foreign secretary. He is also traveling to New York for bilateral discussions.

According to him, “12 years of Conservative governments making diplomatic gaffes, revealing intentions to defy international law, failing to live up to promises on climate change, and slashing international funding” had “hurt ties with the US and left Britain alone on the world stage.”

A Labour government, according to Lammy, would repeal the “lawless” protocol bill, “get back round the table with EU,” and restore the UK’s 0.7% assistance objective, and Truss “urgently needs to wake up to the damage her irresponsible approach to foreign policy is doing to the UK’s national interest.”

There is optimism that negotiations with Brussels will resume in the coming weeks after Truss and the Irish prime minister, Micheál Martin, met on Sunday and agreed there was a chance to restore relations between the UK and Ireland.

During her two-day visit to New York, Truss will meet with other world leaders, including European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and French President Emmanuel Macron.

After Truss said during the Tory leadership campaign that the “jury’s out” on whether Macron was “friend or foe,” this will be their first formal meeting.

On Wednesday, she will give a straight address to the United Nations, where she is expected to receive a warmer greeting than Boris Johnson did a year ago when he left diplomats confused with his babbling about Kermit the Frog.

Back in the UK on Thursday, Truss will be finalizing her mini-budget, in which national insurance changes are widely anticipated. On Monday, the IFS released an analysis showing that the move will benefit the highest-paid workers by as much as £150 per month, while the lowest-paid individuals will only see a monthly gain of 63 pence.

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