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Loop 1604’s Main Lanes Have Reopened Following a Severe Bridge Crash

Update: 5:50 p.m. Thursday, the 29th of December: According to the San Antonio Police Department and TxDOT San Antonio, the lanes of Loop 1604 that travel eastbound are now accessible to the public, while the lanes that travel southbound near Gold Canyon Road continue to be restricted.

The route on San Antonio’s Loop 1604 was closed in the afternoon of Thursday, December 29, due to an incident that involved a commercial motor vehicle hitting a bridge, as reported by the police. According to the San Antonio Police Department, it will be a few hours before the eastbound primary lanes of North Loop 1604 East under Gold Canyon Road can be opened up.

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The event took place shortly after 11:44 a.m. on Loop 1604 and Gold Canyon Road, which is located on the Northside of the city close to Highway 281. According to the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD), the commercial motor vehicle was transporting construction equipment that had a boom that stretched over height. It was a collision with the Gold Canyon Bridge that was located above N. Loop 1604.

According to SAPD, construction equipment struck the bridge, causing damage to two support beams underneath the structure as well as a hole in the asphalt surface of the bridge. Engineers from TxDOT have come to investigate the damage. Since 3:48 in the afternoon, TxDOT has begun conducting temporary repairs to the Gold Canyon bridge.

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