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Love Between Fairy and Devil Ending Explained: All Details!

We were enthralled for several weeks by the Love Between Fairy and Devil story. It is one of my top three dramas for 2022. I recommend it if you appreciate Chinese fantasy dramas or if you want to experience this genre of drama and have seen movies such as Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings.

The voice of the female main character first irritated me in this show. As I watched this drama on Rakuten Viki, I learned through the comments on that app that Little Orchid acted like such because she was 5 years old in human years, despite the fact that the drama claims she is 500 years old. This is a 36-episode Chinese drama available on Iqiyi or Rakuten Viki. There will be spoilers after this point.

What Happened To Jie Li And Shang Que At The End Of Love Between Fairy And Devil? Explained

I’ll describe the drama’s major characters’ ending. The fairy orchid reincarnates as Goddess Xi Yun, and she acts as if she has forgotten her previous life as Little Orchid. But she has a plan: marry Chang Heng and amass enough power to kill the evil spirit, because he is practically guaranteed to pursue Dongfang Qingcang.

Dongfang Qingcang has an intense encounter with her on the padlock bridge, during which she begins to tell Goddess Xi Yun what he truly feels for her. After that, she demonstrates to him that she remembers her past but would marry Chang Heng anyway; she does not explain why, but Dongfang Qingcang figures it out.

So, on the day of the wedding, he decides to combat the evil spirit that has taken over Dongfang Qingcang’s body. Dongfang Qingcang arrived to disrupt the wedding, and all of the guests began attacking him since he had grown more powerful than ever.

Then fairy Orchid approaches him and kisses him; she then enters Dongfang Qingcang’s thoughts and he asks her to murder him in order to stop the spirit; she initially refuses, but then agrees and kills him. This was a heartbreaking scene.

Love Between Fairy and Devil Ending Explained

Following his death, we witness the moon bone seed reach the fairy orchid, which she must plant and care for in order for Dongfang Qingcang to reincarnate. So, in the final 5 minutes of the previous episode, he appears and kisses her. Update: On September 12, Iqiyi aired a three-minute special in which Dongfang Qingcang said that he has been married to Goddess Xi Yun for 300 years and that she has already reverted to her former self.

Did Chan Heng And Dan Yin Get Married?

They didn’t end up as a pair, but they discussed how they wanted to be close friends. Dan Yin will take an exam to become the God of War after Chan Heng resigns as the God of War.

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What Happens To Rong Hao In The End?

The Chidi woman loses control and begins killing many people, so she requests him to kill her. Then he recalls how she rescued him when he was a child, and how after he died, she took him to be reincarnated, and thus the master-apprentice connection was created. Finally, he hugs her and murders her. Later, we witness the major protagonists bringing flowers to two graves, implying that he also committed suicide.

What Becomes Of Jie Li And Shang Que?

Jie Li and Sang Que remained together, and we can see in the end that Jie Li adopts some orphan children and raises them together.

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