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Lysa Terkeurst Announces Divorce After Battling to Save Marriage, Standing ‘firm’ in Faith Despite Pain!

After nearly 30 years of marriage, best-selling author Lysa TerKeurst and her husband Art have announced their separation because of his “chosen habits of behavior that dishonor God and the biblical bond of marriage.”

The revelation was announced by TerKeurst on Saturday. She is the founder of Proverbs 31 Ministries and the author of several books that have been bestsellers on the New York Times list, including It, ‘s Not Supposed to Be This Way and Forgiving What You Can’t Forget.

The 52-year-old woman said that her husband “broke those vows” by not returning to her after they reconciled three years after their “sad separation.”

“Knowing that he has broken his vows has devastated my heart,” she wrote.

“Over the past few years, I have battled very hard to not only rescue my marriage but to survive the damage that constant lying of one spouse does to the other. Living in continual terror of someone you love making cruel decisions is brutal and soul-crushing. Through painful experience, I’ve learned that sinful patterns of behavior that dishonor God and the biblical bond of marriage are far different from simple slip-ups (which we all commit).

According to TerKeust, a mother of five, “the best (and hardest) choice I can make is to stop striving to save my marriage of 29 years and instead accept reality.”

She wrote, “While there is a strong biblical reason for my decision to dissolve my marriage, I am choosing to maintain most of the details private out of respect for our children and grandchildren, and to offer space and privacy for my family and me to continue to recover.”

TerKeurst filed for divorce from her husband in 2017 owing to his infidelity and substance abuse problems. She said it was “excruciatingly awful” in an interview with The Christian Post. However, as the couple worked to repair their marriage, they reaffirmed their vows a little over a year later.

TerKeurst told CP at the time that even while fighting for their marriage was “very challenging, but also “one we want to accomplish.”

“Trust is quite difficult to regain, therefore we want to give it the time it needs,” she said.

TerKeurst has been quite transparent about the pain she endured as a result of her husband’s conduct and God’s unwavering presence throughout the years.


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She told CP that she hopes to show God’s faithfulness “even in the middle of really severe pain” through the viewpoints and life wisdom she has received.

“I would simply encourage anybody who’s walking through stuff — there’s someone else who needs to hear your story,” she said in a 2021 interview. Everyone has lessons learned, examples of God’s faithfulness, and stories to tell, in my opinion. And I think when we tell our stories, if we focus on those things rather than the details of how we were injured, that’s where it becomes extremely useful for other people.”

However, over the years, she kept the specifics of her situation confidential. And in her latest post, the speaker and author explained that while there is “clear biblical justification for my decision to end this marriage,” she is again choosing to hold most of the details private out of respect for the couple’s children and grandchildren and “to give space and privacy for my family and me to continue to heal.”

“It’s hard to confront a future that looks nothing like what I desperately and continually prayed it would look like,” she wrote.

“I don’t like this reality, but the truth is, relationship restoration doesn’t always work. I’ve cried and grieved over this and waited years thinking this wouldn’t be our story. But even when restoration doesn’t work, forgiveness always does.”

Lysa Terkeurst Divorce

The ministry leader said that despite her circumstances, she has “never been more grateful for the healing redemption God has done in my heart through the power of forgiveness.”

There’s a risk that my feelings of anger and animosity are killing me. Fortunately, though, that’s not the case with me right now. With time, prayer, and plenty of counseling, my heart is healing,” she added.

“Sometimes the climax of all our efforts and the answer to our prayers is that God restores us in relationships,” TerKeurst closed her essay. Sometimes He saves us by getting us out of a commitment. It baffles me that life can take turns like the one I’m currently experiencing. But I will not waiver in my belief in God and will continue to take the next step forward with confidence. My loved ones and I are grateful for your thoughts and prayers.

The Christian Post employs Leah M. Klett as a reporter. Leah.klett@christianpost.com is her email address for communication.

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