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Some Teen Mom Og Viewers Believe Maci and Taylor Are Headed for Divorce!

Viewers of Teen Mom have concluded that Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney are headed for a divorce after witnessing frequent fights between the two. Maci’s first foray into exposing her personal life to the public was on the MTV show 16 & Pregnant. Her episode focused on the tension between her and baby daddy Ryan Edwards. They continued dating throughout the first few seasons of Teen Mom and were even engaged.

Maci made several attempts to save her marriage, but the couple split up while their son Bentley Edwards was very little. Maci had a string of unsuccessful marriage prospects until she met her future spouse, Taylor. The couple had been together for a long time and had two children before getting married in 2016.

Maci was in the center of a terrible incident while filming Teen Mom 9 and was injured. Maci was a witness to the shooting, and she has been struggling with PTSD ever since. Maci admitted on a recent episode that she had avoided that petrol station ever since the incident.

During the same incident, Bentley requested that she pick him up from school, necessitating a trip past the convenience store. Fans applauded her for being a good mom to Bentley after she overcome her fears and pushed through them to make her kid happy.


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Once a favored couple, Maci and Taylor are now said to be divorcing. After the latest episode aired, a discussion was launched on Reddit where many users expressed their opinion that the couple’s marriage was doomed. Someone on Reddit expressed doubt that Taylor and Maci’s marriage would continue, prompting the question of whether or not others shared their pessimism.

In response, another user pointed out that women typically file for divorce first and that Maci seemed to be checked out. Others pointed out that Maci has admitted to being drunk with Taylor and arguing for hours at a time. After seeing recent episodes, commenters are more convinced than ever that Maci is telling the truth about what’s going on.

Maci Bookout Divorce

Rumors of a separation circulated after two consecutive events highlighted strain in their relationship. At first, Maci was upset with Taylor because he had a friend bring up his kids from school when Maci was unwell. Maci told Taylor she liked him after he told her he loved her, and then she abruptly left the date to go to bed because she was too exhausted to continue.

Fans on Reddit came to Maci’s defense, arguing that love isn’t always enough and that it’s just as crucial to genuinely enjoy being with your spouse. Maci is probably still recouping from her PTSD, they pointed out to the others.

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Fans were relieved when Maci finally met Taylor following the ups and downs of her relationship with Ryan. Whether or not this is the end of their marriage or merely a rocky patch in their relationship remains to be seen. The Teen Mom star is resilient, but her fans will have a hard time witnessing another painful breakup if she chooses to divorce Taylor.

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