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Married at First Sight Season 15 First Look: Meet the New Couples Hoping for Lasting Love!

MAFS, which follows a group of singles as they marry a stranger hand-picked by an expert panel, fans won’t have to wait long for fresh episodes. It premieres at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime on Wednesday, July 6.

People say that the three-hour premiere episode will be the longest in the show’s history. The Married at First Sight Season 15 Matchmaking Special and the Kickoff Special will air on June 22 and 29, respectively, before the main event. Married at First Sight: Afterparty anchor Keshia Knight Pulliam is returning for the upcoming season as well.

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Two New Experts Join The ‘MAFS’ Cast

The upcoming season of MAFS will be situated in San Diego, marking the show’s first outing on the West Coast. There will also be two additional specialists joining the cast, in addition to the five newlywed couples.

Miracles From Heaven and Breakthrough are two of DeVon Franklin’s productions. The Wait and The Truth About Men: What Men and Women Need to Know are among his many works on relationships. When Franklin tweeted about joining the long-running series, he expressed his excitement.

In her practice, Dr. Pia Holec focuses on treating sexual and relationship issues in individuals and couples.

Five Couples Will Get Married In The New Season

Ten San Diego singles will hand their fate over to the show’s four experts in Married at First Sight’s new season. They are:

  • Lindy, 29, a doctor of physical therapy, and Miguel, 35, an associate medical director
  • Krysten, 32, a sales rep, and Mitch, 41, an environmental policy advocate
  • Alexis, 29, a logistics specialist, and Justin, 33, a digital marketing specialist
  • Stacia, 37, an accountant, and Nate, 34, a day trader
  • Morgan, 27, a registered nurse, and Binh, 29, an engineer
Mafs Season 15
Mafs Season 15

Lindy and Miguel

Miguel, 35, is an associate medical director, and Lindy, 29, is a doctor of physical therapy.

One of Lindy’s two major romances ended with an engagement; she grew up in Olympia and attended the University of Washington. Almost two years have passed since she last had a boyfriend. When Miguel was ten years old, his parents divorced and he was forced to move to Puerto Rico with his grandparents. He considers himself to be a serial monogamist.

Krysten and Mitch

A sales rep named Krysten, 32, and an advocate for the environmental policy named Mitch, 41, both work for the same company.

Krysten grew up in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and she and her entire family are quite close. She’s always wanted a family of her own and has a want to start one. Four years ago, Krysten got engaged and was on the verge of being married.

A meaningful connection has eluded her ever since. Mitch was just three years old when his parents split in Los Angeles. As a result of watching his parents’ relationship break down, he has developed a deep aversion to falling in love again. He has never been one for long-term partnerships in the past, but he hopes that MAFS will make him reconsider.

Alexis and Justin

Alexis, 29, is a logistics professional, and Justin, 33, is a digital marketing specialist. They both work at the same company.

Alexis, who hails from New Jersey, has been engaged three times previously. Despite her understanding of what true love is, she has yet to meet the one and will not accept anything less. Justin was reared by a single mother in Mobile, Alabama. When it comes to being a husband, he believes that he can be the best he can be.


Stacia and Nate

Both Stacia and Nate are 37-years-old and work as accountants.

“Unconventional” Stacia was born in Lynwood, California, to a single mother who was just 20 years old. It wasn’t long before her grandmother came to her rescue. If you’ve ever wanted to get married, Stacia isn’t going to settle for anything less than the very best. Nate was raised by a single parent in Las Vegas and has always believed that his life’s mission is to find love and start a family. Although he adores his job, he is having a difficult time finding a partner who shares his drive.

Morgan and Binh

Morgan, 27, is a licensed nurse, and Binh, 29, is an engineer.

A native Californian, Morgan was raised in Bakersfield. As a nurse, she has become good at being flexible and learned to always expect the unexpected, which has prepared her well for an opportunity like Married at First Sight. She is ready to settle down at this stage in her life. Binh’s parents met in a New Orleans refugee camp after fleeing Vietnam and are both first-generation Asian Americans. They fell in love at first sight, he adds, and he hopes to one day have the same kind of relationship with his future wife and children as they have now.

On July 6, Lifetime will debut a three-hour episode of Married at First Sight.

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