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Maluma Net Worth: How the Colombian Superstar Made It!

Maluma is a true superstar, and while he may appear to have appeared suddenly (particularly to some Anglo audiences), he has been a fixture in Latin pop for almost a decade. Still not convinced? Simply look at his net worth.

The Colombian chart-topper has added movie star to his resume, co-starring in the 2022 rom-com Marry Me with Jennifer Lopez. Where did Maluma come from, and how much money does Maluma have? Learn about the singer’s background and how he made so much money.

How Did Maluma Become Well-Known?

Maluma, who was born Juan Luis Londoo Arias in Medellin, Colombia, composed and recorded his debut song, “No Quiero,” with a friend when he was 16 years old. He chose the stage name “Maluma” by combining the initial syllables of his mother’s, father’s, and sister’s first names (ouch!).

When Maluma was a rising artist, his uncle, Juan Parra, allowed him to record his first track in Parra’s studio, and Maluma’s aunt is Yudy Arias, a renowned Colombian Instagram influencer and media figure. These ties almost certainly aided him in breaking into the public sooner than other musicians would have been able to do. Maluma began releasing songs in 2010, with his song “Farandulera” finding moderate radio success. Magia, his first full-length album, was released in 2012.

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Maluma’s Net Worth

Maluma’s net worth is estimated to be $12 million by Celebrity Net Worth. His revenue is primarily derived from his music, which includes both solo work and collaborations with major musicians such as J-Lo, Madonna, Shakira, J Balvin, Ricky Martin, Jason Derulo, Daddy Yankee, Rae Sremmurd, The Weeknd, Prince Royce, and French Montana (to mention a few!).

Maluma most likely made a lot of money before COVID-19 through traveling and live events (he sold out major venues, including Madison Square Garden, in 2019). Maluma previously stated that he is drawn to musicians that play and live for their souls rather than their money accounts.

Maluma Net Worth

“I believe that today’s artists, particularly modern artists, are losing their spirituality, which is unfortunate. I don’t believe they pray or meditate, which is why I identify with musicians like as Madonna, Shakira, and Jennifer Lopez “In January 2021, the singer told Elle. “

Sometimes people say I’m an old soul because of that, but at the end of the day, you may be the biggest star in the world, but if you’re not spiritual, you’re empty within.” He continued, “You can simply feel Ricky Martin’s aura is so blue and clear. But then you go to a music session with these guys my age in Miami, and they’re talking about material things, and I’m like, ‘OK, it’s good to have a Lamborghini, a big Rolex, a big house, but when are you going to have a large soul?'”

Maluma is a fashion house favorite who has received endorsements from big labels such as Versace, Nike, Michelob Ultra, Balmain, and Moet Hennessey. Maluma has recently dabbled with acting (in addition to Marry Me, he voiced a prominent character in Encanto and narrated Mi Selección Colombia), which will likely prove lucrative as well:

What Was Maluma’s Pay For Encanto?

Maluma’s pay for Encanto is not public knowledge. Having said that, the film and its soundtrack were hugely successful, so he most certainly made a good living for his little but memorable appearance as Mariano, the “town heartthrob” of the Colombia-set animated flick.

Encanto was launched in theatres around Thanksgiving 2021, and following a 30-day run, the critically acclaimed picture was uploaded on Disney+ on Christmas Eve, immediately becoming a cultural sensation. Maluma’s song “All of You” is also included on the soundtrack. Lin-Manuel Miranda Discusses Fatherhood, In the Heights, and Why He Responds to Every Fan Letter

Is Maluma From A Wealthy Family?

Despite the fact that Maluma was able to leverage certain ties from his extended family in his pursuit of recognition and success, he revealed to Elle (as the magazine’s first-ever solo male cover star!) in January 2021 that he came from humble roots financially. “My family was not wealthy.

We had everything we needed until my father lost everything and my parents separated “He stated. “It was this experience that made me understand I needed to work extremely hard in order for my family to have food and a place to live… But, in spite of everything, I was a pretty happy child.”

How Much Money Does Maluma Get Per Concert?

Maluma earns more than $600,000 every show in ticket sales and merchandise sales, according to Forbes. Maluma stated that resuming a tour in the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic was a frightening notion, telling Billboard in September 2021, “It was challenging to return to the stage during COVID.

After everything that has happened, you have to be brave to announce a tour, but I am feeling okay right now. People appear to be excited. They want to go to the shows and enjoy themselves. Everyone is just looking forward to feeling normal again, and I believe that this type of concert will help them do that. It’s incredible for me to spend this time with my followers; I miss them so much.”

Who Was Intended To Play Whom In Marry Me?

Maluma co-stars in Marry Me alongside Jennifer Lopez (as her unfaithful fiancé!) and Owen Wilson. The romantic comedy also stars Jameela Jamil, Sarah Silverman, Michelle Buteau, and Jimmy Fallon, and will be released in cinemas and streamed on Peacock.

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