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Man Entered the New York Times Building Brandishing a Sword and an Axe, According to NYPD

According to the NYPD and the newspaper, a guy brandishing a sword and an axe entered the New York Times building in midtown Manhattan on Thursday and requested to speak with a reporter. After being refused access to the newsroom, he surrendered his guns to security, who subsequently took him to prison.

 The man sought to talk to a “reporter,” but did not name any specific team or person, a New York Times representative told Fox News Digital. The issue in our lobby was responded to by the New York Police Department, for which the spokesperson expressed gratitude.

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The incident was quickly and amicably handled. The event happened at the newspaper’s New York offices at about 12:15 p.m. The man is being examined at a nearby hospital, and no one was hurt. More information will probably be made available later on Thursday evening, according to the NYPD.

The New York Times’ Manhattan headquarters building was attempted to be entered on Thursday by a guy brandishing an axe and a sword, according to authorities. A 27-year-old man entered the lobby of the newspaper’s 8th Avenue headquarters building, according to the New York Police Department, while carrying a “plastic bag with a knife, sword, and axe.” The NYPD informed The Associated Press that he wanted to speak with the publication’s political journalists.

After being turned away, the man surrendered his firearms and was later brought to a hospital for evaluation, according to the NYPD, who spoke to Insider. The Times expressed gratitude to the NYPD for responding to “an issue in our lobby that was resolved quickly and quietly” in a statement to Insider.

With US President Donald Trump and other conservative politicians expressing increasingly antagonistic statements toward reporters and journalists regularly being killed, beaten, or detained for doing their jobs, animosity toward journalists and the media has increased in recent years.

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